Votes needed! Vote for NAKED EDGE before 11:59 CST

    Thanks so much to all of you who’ve already voted in today’s round of the DA BWAHA. And special thanks to those of you who’ve made this personal and tweeted, posted on Facebook and shared the link with your friends, helping to get out the vote.

    At this moment, Naked Edge has fallen behind and is in danger of losing this bracket. I know there are a lot of you who voted last time who haven’t voted yet. It would mean a lot to me if you headed over to right now and voted.

    If you have author friends who are willing to throw their votes behind Naked Edge, that would be great. Or if you're a member of a Yahoo group or other loop, please feel free to post there and include the link.

    Bribery: If I win, I give away another copy of Naked Edge, plus I will post an excerpt from Defiant, Connor’s book. But that only happens if I win.

    The polls close at 11:59 Central Standard Time. Tweet, text, e-mail, post...

    Help me get out the vote for Gabe, and I’ll show you what that naughty boy Connor is up to right now.

    I know I have the most passionate and devoted fans in romancedom, so I know we can do it!

    Thank you!!!

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