MTM — Gabriel Aubry "Be My Babydaddy" Edition

    Happy Monday!

    Having gotten a taste of the elegance that is David Gandy, we went looking for another elegant male worthy of stripping with our gaze and found ourselves face-t0-pecs with Gabriel Aubry.

    Aubry, a successful male model, is probably best known for knocking up Halle Barry and being the babydaddy of her little girl. So, welcome to MTM’s Gabriel Aubry “Be My Babydaddy” edition.

    Imagine for a moment that you were going to conceive a love child. Wouldn’t it be hella fun to conceive that child with Aubry? Even thinking that just gave you a belly flutter. I know it.

    Those intense eyes, that nice chest of hair, the natural but toned physique, the stubble, the hair — what’s not to like?

    Here’s a photo of him wearing a towel. In fact, just as white underwear constitutes an apparent 95 percent of David Gandy’s wardrobe, Aubry mostly wears white towels. Here he is wearing a towel in his free time, proving how much he likes them.

    What’s nice about towels as apparel is how much torso they leave bare. Chest, arms, shoulders, belly — it’s all left uncovered when a man wears a towel because (thank goodness!) they don’t wear towels like women do, wrapped around their entire torso and tucked in like some kind of sleeveless toga.

    Here is a rare shot of Aubry wearing pajamas. He’s on a advertising shoot for sheets. Sadly, if you buy the sheets, you don’t get him or a man like him. You just get sheets. Nice sheets, but sheets all the same.

    What these sheets have going for them is that Gabriel Aubry is sitting shirtless right on top of them. One can easily imagine him shedding the pajamas and becoming someone’s babydaddy right there on those sheets. I imagine he’d get a sheen of sweat on that chest, a lock or two of that hair clinging to his forehead as he does his babydaddy duty.

    We talked about chest hair a few MTMs ago, and here’s an example of some perfect chest hair. And that intense gaze... Makes you want to say, “Get me to those fancy sheets of yours. I’m ovulating!” — even if you’ve been spayed or are post-menopausal. This stare might be enough to make you ovulate even if you were nowhere near that point in your cycle.

    I’ll leave you with this — Aubry in his favorite attire, a white towel. There’s a nice sheen of sweat on his chest. Oh, sure, that could be water from a shower, but I prefer to think he’s worked up a sweat practicing his mad begetting skillz. Don’t you?

    Somewhere in the other room, a woman is lying, exhausted and smiling, on those fancy sheets about to conceive. It could be you... in your imagination.

    Happy Man-Titty Monday, everyone! I hope your hormones are soaring.

    Coming soon: I-Team Trivia

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