MTM — Gandy is Candy

    Happy Monday!

    By now your mouth is watering over the tasty treats you see here, but don’t worry — this candy won’t rot your teeth. David Gandy is the kind of candy women love to think about tasting. He might even be better than chocolate, though we won’t go so far as to say that without testing the theory carefully ourselves.

    I became aware of him a couple of weeks ago, and then did a quick Google search, which revealed a number of delicious photos, including full frontal nudity.

    Bye, now!

    I hate to see everyone rush off like that, but I understand. I suppose the only people left reading this blog are Mr. Gandy’s publicist and those of you who are sneaking in a bit of MTM at work.

    David Gandy is a British underwear model, and we certainly approve of his choice of career. He has a distinct face and a body that’s masculine and sexy, but not bulky. You “poet look” lovers should be very happy this week.

    His face, especially his eyes, can be very intense, which is clearly one reason he got into the modeling business. The other reason may be that they do not need to put socks in the underwear to make them filled out. (Just a theory, but this one is based on true research. The man is hung. Let me just say it.)

    This is a full monty photo minus monty. Some other blogger was nice enough to crop it for me. But feel free to imagine, okay? Not while you’re driving, of course, but maybe later, for example, during a meeting when your boss is droning on. Let your mind drift: MTM. David Gandy. Rhymes with candy. Makes me think of licking lollipops...

    Here’s an example of that intense face I mentioned. I love how this photo shows off those biceps and shoulders.

    In this photo, he seems to be getting started without us. We’re not sure if we’re upset by this or content to watch.

    Here he is in a pensive mood, thinking about MTM no doubt, and what an honor it is to be objectified for an audience of romance reading women. This photo offers a nice glimpse of his latissimus dorsi (fancy Latin for side-of-the-back muscle) and his legs.

    He’s a lean, mean underwear-wearing machine.

    You knew you got out of bed for some reason, didn’t you? And here it is: the back side of David Gandy. I love how his shoulders taper down to his waist. I love the dimples above his behind. I love his behind, and I’m a pecs/abs woman, not a glutes woman. But, you know, I like to be flexible, too. I’m willing to stare a hot butt in the face when the opportunity arises, as it definitely did here.

    Yes, Dandy is candy, and we hope he satisfied your sweet tooth this week on MTM.

    Happy Monday!

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