MTF? — David Gandy redux

    So sorry I missed MTM this past week. I had a total DSL meltdown here. First my modem quit functioning. And then they sent me a new modem that was incompatible with the DSL I was receiving. So I had to wait for them to come out and upgrade my connection.

    Well, I’m back. And both to make up for a missed MTM and to reward you for supporting Naked Edge in this year’s DABWAHA, I’m offering up some special Friday man-titty in the form of David Gandy, who has truly captured my attention lately.

    I wanted to show a photo of his face because most of the shots of him showcase his body. I’m not complaining about that — no way — but he has an absolutely piercing gaze. And nothing is hotter in my book than a man with dark hair and blue eyes.

    I look at these photos, and I wonder, “Where have I been all this man’s life? How did I not know about him?” I, who read GQ just to look at the men, somehow missed David Gandy. Quelle domage!

    Above, we get a glimpse of him — and his behind — modeling underwear. What’s amazing about this photo is that is shows not only a titillating glimpse of his glutes, but also the muscles in his arms. Plus, and this is important, he is lying in a bed. It stirs the soul — or at least the imagination.

    I find this shot sexy as well. Can you say “armpit hair”? I knew you could! I’m not sure how he manages to look so fantastic just putting on a T-shirt, he does. And there’s a certain gravitas in his expression, as if this business of putting on a T-shirt must be taken seriously. When one is concealing a body like his by putting on that T-shirt, I agree. Must the T-shirt be worn? Are there options to wearing the T-shirt that have not yet been explored?

    He smiles. He crooks his finger. “Come here,” he says.

    Dude, I am SO there!

    And, nice bulge.

    In an interview, he asks, “Don’t you have any photos of me not wearing white underpants?” There aren’t many out there, but I did find this one. It showcases his obliques. And we all know how I feel about obliques.

    The amazing thing about David Gandy is that you don’t get the impression that his life is lived in the gym or that he secretly takes steroids. He looks like a very fit man.

    I started imagining him as the hero in various romance novel scenarios, and I found myself imagining him in the American West. He’s got something rugged and masculine to his appearance that works well in blue jeans. And check out that rope there. Just seeing him near rope... Yeah.

    I could see him with a cowboy hat on his head walking in spurs and blue jeans into some little town in Arizona or Colorado or New Mexico, a badge on his chest, a six-shooter slung low on his hip... Have I ever mentioned that I’d love to write westerns provided they ever make a come-back?

    I saved this shot for last, knowing that several of you love men’s backside, where his behind or his back or his shoulders. You kind of get it all here, and it is worth beholding. For a very long time.

    I hope you’ve enjoyed this little makeup session of MTM, which is kind of MTF. Happy Friday, everyone! And please stay tuned. I believe the next round of voting in the DABWAHA is on March 19, and it’s going to be tough. I’m going to need ever vote I can get, so bribe your girlfriends, get your coworkers online and help Naked Edge win.

    As an extra tidbit, please enjoy the interview with David Gandy below. And, women, let me tell you this... He’s straight! Thanks to Charina for this clip.

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