Vote for NAKED EDGE in the DABWAHA!

    Sorry I’ve been AWOL. I still do not have Internet. It’s the longest I’ve been offline since the Internet was invented. I should be able to “get it up” tonight or tomorrow they say — “they” being Qwest.

    First, I wanted to thank Ronlyn for keeping you all updated about my sudden disappearance. And I want to thank those of you who worked so hard to get the word out about the DABWAHA vote, which is happening right bloody now! Naked Edge was chosen as one of the finalists and needs your votes!

    I hear that trash-talking is part of the DABWAHA tradition, but I’m not sure I’m capable of that. But I can pimp it with the best of them. So we’ll skip trash-talking and go for hyperbolic pimping instead.

    But first things first: PRIZES!

    The DABWAHA is famous for it’s amazing prizes, so there’s lots of good reasons to vote. I’ll add more. For every round that Naked Edge wins, I’ll give away a signed copy of the book. The more Naked Edge wins, the more changes you have to win. (To be entered into the drawings, comment below.)

    So spread the word on your blogs, on Facebook, via Twitter and help Naked Edge take the DABWAHA.

    10 Reasons Naked Edge Should Win the 2011 DABWAHA

    10. Gabe is uncircumcized. How often in a romance novel is the hero’s dick different?

    9. Kat is a virgin, but she’s not a stupid, mousy virgin, so you get 100 percent of the hymen but zero percent of the “I'm a virgin at age 26 for no good reason” TSTL.

    8. Gabe and Kat have sex in the snow.

    7. I practiced Kat’s near-fatal falling scene before writing it. I deserve something for that, don’t I? Well, don’t I? (Read about that here.)

    6. Kat is American Indian through and through, not a Hollywood Indian. Naked Edge isn’t Dances with Rangers.

    5. Julian Darcangelo + Marc Hunter + Gabe Rossiter

    4. Some of the events in the book actually happened — and I was there reporting on them.

    3. You never knew park rangers could be so damned sexy.

    2. “I love you, Katherine James. I love you with everything I am. You're the best thing that ever happened to me. Remember that.”

    1. Other authors write romantic suspense. I live it. (Except for the “romantic” part.)

    So head over to, raise Naked Edge to March glory and collect prizes along the way. If that’s not win, what is?

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