Happy New Year

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One day left to vote for NAKED EDGE / CONTEST

    If you haven't already voted in the Goodreads Choice Awards, there's still time. Voting doesn't end till tomorrow.

    Naked Edge was selected by Goodreads to be among the novels readers vote on for Best Romance of 2010. It's a thrill to make that cut because Goodreads based their list of nominees on reader traffic, reviews and reader interest, as determined by hits and such. And Naked Edge finds itself it top-notch company in a group of books by very successful authors.

    To vote, click here. And please spread the word!

    As my way of saying thanks, I'll give away a signed copy of Naked Edge to someone who voted for it. Just post below and tell me you voted, and your name goes in the hat for the drawing. I'll post a winner on New Year's Eve.

    If you voted earlier this month, that's fine. Anyone who voted for the book is eligible to win.

    And thank you for your support!

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Man-Titty Monday — The Best of Chesticles 2010


    I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. We had one of Benjy’s friends with us, a young man I’ve known since he was in third grade. He’s in Army ROTC and couldn’t be with his family, so we took him in. And he really is family, so it was lots of fun.

    We spent Christmas Eve and morning here at my house with a nice fire in the fireplace. There was far too much food, and it will take me all of 2011 to lose the holiday weight. E-freaking-gads!

    Then in the evening on Christmas Day we went to may parents’ house, where we met up with the rest of my family, including my sister, Michelle, here from Sweden. I have two nephews and a niece, and it’s always more fun with young children around. And there was SO much food that we all kind of stared at the dessert buffet (that’s really what it was) with despair. So much food and no more room in the stomach.

    Sorry I’m behind with the blog (not to mention e-mail). It’s past noon on Monday, and I’m just getting MTM up now. But, hey, I’m on vacation, and it has been an exhausting year. I find myself needing to do nothing, except that I'm doing research for Connor's book and copy edits for Breaking Point are due on Jan. 5.

    This week, I thought I’d post what I feel were the 10 best MTM images from 2010, Man-Titty Monday's inaugural year. I limited myself to one luscious image of Mr. Jed Hill. I could have posted 10.

    If nothing else, this should be a very high-octane edition of MTM. You can imagine how difficult it was to go through my files to select these 10. Oh, the sacrifices I make!

    Vote for your favorite by midnight Dec. 31 to help us determine MTM's Man of the Year for 2010. And enjoy!


    Dashboard Lover

    Gauze Man

    Firefighter with baby

    Pierced Nipple Guy

    Pectacular Man

    Hottie in Jeans

    Greek God

    Prisoner of Desire

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Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas to all!

    Peace on Earth. Good will to humans.

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