MTM — Hot Men with Tats

    Some women love ’em. Some women hate ’em. But we at Man-Titty Monday headquarters think they’re hot. We’re talking about tattoos.

    “What tattoos?” you ask.

    Yeah, we were afraid that might be a problem. You’re so focused on the man’s chest that you’re not noticing the ink.

    We’ll help you out.

    In the photo above, start at the man’s left nipple. It’s the one staring straight at you. Now, follow it up and to the viewer’s right. There, you’ll find a shoulder. A very strong, muscular shoulder. The kind of shoulder a woman would just love to lean on. Now do you see it? There’s a tat on his shoulder and a couple of additional tats lower down on his arm. We’re not sure what they say. We haven’t been able to keep our eyes of his chest long enough to read them.

    This gentleman is someone you’ve seen before, but we’re pretty sure you didn’t notice the tattoos, except perhaps for the one on his wrist, because it’s in the way. The wrist — not the tattoo. But there are more designs drawn on his delectable flesh.

    Focus on that hand — the one that’s hiding his business, the one you want him to move. Now let your eye travel in the reverse direction from what it usually travels, moving upward along that nice little patch of hair toward his navel. Just below his navel is a tattoo. See it there? I said UPWARD. Yes, there.

    Now let your gaze drift back to that aggravating hand. If you move your gaze upward again, this time moving along his arm, you’ll find a fine tribal tattoo on his bicep/tricep/shoulder. No, not that. That’s that tattoo beneath his navel. Do you know what ‘upward’ means?

    The other arm — he has two — has a nice little barbed wire tattoo around the bicep.

    Also, notice veins. A wealth of them. Everywhere. Yes, I said it. Veins.

    This should be easier because this poor gentleman has gotten himself rather buried in sand. On his left thigh in the center of the frame is a fine example of a tribal tattoo. And if you focus on his left nipple and then move your eyes slightly toward the viewer’s left, you’ll see that the right side of his chest is also covered with a fine tribal tattoo.

    You got lost in the six-pack, didn’t you? Well, come back and try again later.

    Now this one is really tricky. Your gaze is focused on this man’s glutes. I know it is. Don’t even try to lie to me, because I’m not buying it. But if you’ll look for a minute between those two dimples you’ll see the tip of a tribal tattoo that covers most of his back. I said between the dimples. No, that’s a crack. The dimples where his glutes kind of attach to the back of his pelvic bone.. Dimples are like little pits... No, between them. Up a little higher. OK, see? Now just follow that upward... I said upward!

    Oh, you’re hopeless! I give up!

    Feel free to stare at whatever you’d like. And Happy Monday!

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