MTM — Hooya! Men of the Military II

    Happy Monday, womanity!

    Welcome to another edition of Man-Titty Monday. After the response to last week’s Men of the Military, I decided to pay this theme a second visit. Your ovaries will thank me.

    I’m going to keep it short and sweet this week because I have so many things to do. I know you want Connor’s book, and that means less time blogging and less time online.

    These photos speak for themselves, really. Sexy men in uniform. Warriors. Men who put others first and themselves in the line of danger.

    Yes, it does something for us.

    As I said last week, there’s something about dog tags that just turns me on, and the top photo is an amaaaazing photo of dog tags, don’t you think? I find myself staring, almost mesmerized by those dog tags. They’re just hanging there... Dog tags. Mmm...

    But this man is clothed, you say. Yes, he is. But I wanted to share him with you because 1) beneath the clothes he is perfectly naked and 2) he is part of a real, elite group of agents who work the U.S./Mexico border — the Shadow Wolves. The Shadow Wolves are made up entirely of American Indian trackers and are widely acknowledged as the best trackers on the planet. They play a significant role in Breaking Point. I’ve thought about revisiting them and giving them their own series...

    I love the name Shadow Wolves. And these guys are not only amazing at what they do — I’ve seen them cutting for sign, i.e., looking for tracks, and they can see things you and I would never notice unless you shoved them up our noses. Stuff like a thread on a shrub, the swoosh of leaves against the sand caused by someone trying to hide footprints, broken grass.

    This military hero is carrying a rifle. He is not carrying a gun. For those of you confused about the difference, Zach will clear that up for you in/around Chapter 14 of Breaking Point. Notice the nice scattering of chest hair, the cleft in the chin, the lean, muscular build...

    Oh, who am I fooling? You saw those things before you noticed the rifle. Come on! I know you did.

    Why is it in all my years of hiking I’ve never come across scenery like this?

    All I know is that I feel a real need to go get lost in the woods very near these three. I think a sprained ankle would be good. Or better yet, hypothermia. It looks a little hot for hypothermia, but I could give it a try. Maybe I can find an ice cave or something. They could hear my pleas for help and come to my rescue. And then they could warm me up.

    This is for those you who love the flip side. This hero has got some gear. If you ask politely, he might let you check it out... Maybe he’d even let you use it.

    Have a lovely Monday, everyone! I hope your hormones are on full blast and that you’re ready for a day of feeling sexy.

    Only two weeks till Breaking Point is released!

    I-Team Reading Challenge update — I’ll announce prize-winners on Wednesday. I’m so busy I haven’t had a time to look through it. PLEASE don’t think I’m ignoring your posts. I’ve just been slammed. If you haven’t checked in but you completed the challenge, please do so immediately!

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