I-TEAM TRIVIA ANSWERS — And prize winners!!!

    And now the moment has arrived — when you can check your answers and see who won prizes.

    I have to say that I had a flashback to my days of grading college papers. I went to graduate school to study classical archaeology and art history. And although I went for two years, I ended up leaving grad school to pursue journalism. But during those two years I graded soooo many exams. I have memories... *shudder*

    But this was fun. I was really amazed at how many of you answered what were very tough questions quite accurately. And the detail some of you included was astounding. Then there was J3nn, who caught an error that my editors missed. And there were those of you who found more than one way to answer a question correctly.

    I am amazed! One thing I will say for I-Team fans: You are smart women!

    Without further ado, here are the answers:

    1. What are the names of Kara and Reece’s children? List them in the order in which they were born.

    Connor (adopted by Reece) Caitlyn Brendan

    2. What weapon did the bad guy in Naked Edge use to force Kat to cooperate?
    TASER or stun gun

    3. What was Julian’s father’s profession?


    4. Who is the managing editor of the Denver Independent?

    Syd Wilson

    A lot of people put Tom Trent, but Tom is the editor-in-chief. He’s the boss of all the editors. That’s my day job, incidentally.

    5. What did Webb use to neutralize Gabe?

    Tranquilizer dart

    6. Who is Kara McMillian’s “baby daddy”?

    Galen Prentice

    7. June 9, 1996: What is this date, and why was it important to remember?

    This is the date that Marc and Sophie met at the graduation party and had sex for the first time. It’s also the numbers that make up the combination to Marc’s secret storage locker.

    To get this right, both elements needed to be there.

    8. What is Julian Darcangelo’s undercover name?

    Domenic Conti or Tony Corelli were acceptable answers.

    Some of you gave both. Overachievers!

    9. Name of the sacred site east of Boulder that plays an important role in Naked Edge.

    Mesa Butte

    10. What high-point-value word does Will use to win at Sex Scrabble?


    “Pecker” gained him more points, but quim is what locked it for him. So to speak...

    11. What does Bilagáanaa mean?

    White man.

    12. What martial art does Julian practice daily to maintain his physical and mental state?


    13. What is Marc’s e-mail address?


    14. Name Megan’s baby daddy.

    Donny Lee Thompson

    15. Kat and Gabe were almost killed three times. List them.

    1. At Mesa Butte when someone opened fire on them 2. At Gabe’s house when someone stuffed the flue with wet leaves and forced CO2 into the air inside the house 3. Up in the mountains beyond Vail when the bad guy tried to throw them over a cliff.

    16. What is Kara’s mother’s name?

    Lily McMillan

    17. Who calls Kat and Gabe “busy bunnies”?

    Kat’s grandmother, Grandma Alice

    18. Where was Tessa born?

    Rosebud, Texas

    19. How old was Holly when she lost her virginity, and where did it happen?

    She was 14, and it happened in the bedroom of her best friend’s brother while his parents watched TV downstairs.

    20. Give Kat and Gabe’s daughter’s Diné name and its meaning.

    Alissa’s Diné name is Shandiin Hozhoni — and it means “Beautiful light that breaks through the clouds.”

    21. Name the “secret location” Kara was taken for her protection.

    Loews Hotel.

    I was thoroughly impressed with the number of you who included the name of the suite and the floor she was one.

    22. What did Marc find and remove from Sophie’s bedside table when he visited her apartment in secret? What did he leave in their place?

    He found fentanyl-laced heroin (fe-fe), as well as her vibrator. He took both and replaced the heroin with doggie biscuits.

    A lot of you remembered the vibrator but forgot the heroin. A few forgot the vibrator.

    23. Who is the first person to die in Hard Evidence?

    Maria Conchita Ruiz

    24. How did Sophie realize Marc Hunter was Hunt?

    He called her “Sprite,” and he was the only person who’d ever done that.

    25. What does Alice James do to protect her corn crop each year?

    She kills a crow, stretches out its wings and hangs it on the fence as a warning to the other crows.

    I have actually witnessed this ritual on the rez.

    26. What is the name of the puppy that Reece brings home from the pound for Connor?

    Jake or Jakey

    27. What are Tessa and Julian’s “gang names”?

    Blondie and Dark Angel.

    A lot of you put Julian’s nickname for Tessa — Golidlocks.

    28. A pastor and his wife give Megan shelter. What are their names?

    John and Connie Stevens.

    A side note: I named these characters after two real people who made a difference to my family. Connie passed away more than a year ago from cancer, and John is in the hospital now in the later stages of battling leukemia. Seeing their names over and over as I read through answers was very touching to me. I did tell them before Connie became ill that they were in this novel. It makes me feel good to know that they will be remembered this way. Any prayers you choose to offer for John are most welcome.

    29. What is the Indian name of the ceremony that is interrupted at the beginning of Naked Edge?


    I was so happy at the number of you who remembered that!

    30. What type of car do Syko and Flaco’s minions drive?

    Cadillac Coupe DeVille

    Yeah, and some of you gave me the color.

    31. Name all of John Cross’s accomplices.

    Here’s the answer I was looking for: John Addison, Gary King and Ken Harburg

    But some of you added an accomplice I’d forgotten about: Juan Diego Garza. He’s the creep who helped kill John Addison.

    Then, J3nny discovered that John Addison was called Joseph Addison in the article that Marc points out to Sophie. Yes, J3nny found an error that I and my editors missed. You’re impressed, I know. I was!

    I accepted all versions of these as correct answers. Some of you answered John Addison, some answered Joseph Addison. And then there was J3nny, who referenced page numbers.

    WTG, J3nny!

    32. What drug was used to ensure Megan’s fellow victims overdosed and died?

    Fefe or fentanyl-laced heroin.

    33. Who was the first person Marc had sex with and how old was he?

    He was 15, and she was Ms. Meadows, his English teacher.

    I wish it had been me.

    34. What type of weapon does Julian carry?

    A .357 SIG Sauer.

    A sexy weapon for a sexy man.

    35. What did Marc earn in Afghanistan?

    The Bronze Star

    36. What was Tessa’s original last name?


    37. Name the halfway house where Megan stayed before going on the run.

    New Horizons

    38. What does Kat sprinkle on the ground after seeing a coyote?

    Corn pollen.

    39. Gabe describes Kat and himself as the 8th and 9th dwarves. What names did he use?

    Gimpy and Barfy

    40. Name the camp Megan where stayed when she was a little girl.

    Pine River Christian Girls Camp

    41. What is Kat’s Lakota nickname?


    No, I didn’t take off points for misspelling. Kudos to those of you who noted that it means “butterfly.”

    42. Which name for a character in the I-Team series is also used for a character in the MacKinnon’s Rangers series?

    The answer I was seeking: Connor — both Connor, Kara and Reece’s son and Connor MacKinnon.

    However, there were a cheeky few among you who put “William” for Lord William Wentworth and Will from Heaven Can’t Wait.

    I accepted both answers.

    43. What speech does Tom typically give when he’s grandstanding about the role of journalism in society?

    His Watchdogs of Freedom speech.

    44. What team did Will play for in college?

    The University of Colorado Buffaloes.

    Coincidentally my alma mater.

    45. Who is Malibu Melanie?

    Reece’s little sister whom Kara at first believes is his bimbo date.

    All you had to say to get it right was that she was Reece's little sister.

    46. Name the two young women who were tricked into overdosing by the bad guys.

    Charlotte Martin and Kristina Brody

    I was floored by the number of you who got that right.

    47. How many confirmed kills did Hunt have as an army sniper?


    Yeah, he’s bad. Wait till you read about what he does in Breaking Point. Am I right, Ronlyn?

    48. What does Julian give Tessa to help her sleep after she is molested by an intruder while taking a bath?

    Two shots of rum in hot water.

    49. Where did Julian and Tessa kiss for the first time?

    A hospital linen or storage closet.

    And one smarty-pants answered, “On the lips.” You know who you are! You made me laugh.

    50. Who has sex in the snow?

    Kara & Reece AND Kat & Gabe

    This is the question most of you got wrong because you listed one couple but not the other. Oooh! Trick question! Congrats to the few of you who answered correctly.

    Bonus Questions:

    B1. How far was Marc’s record-setting kill shot?

    three-quarters of a mile

    B2. What is CKD?

    Cement Kiln Dust

    B3. Complete this quote —
    Inmate: “What you in for, baby?”
    I-Team heroine: “Castrating some guy because he ________me.”

    The missing word is “annoyed.”

    B4. What friend of Will’s does Holly make out with in public?


    B5. What is our word for what the Diné call Náhookos Biko'?

    The North Star

    A lot of you put Northern Fire, which is a direct translation, which I accepted. But we call it the North Star. It didn’t change the level anyone was eligible to enter, so not getting this exactly right didn’t keep anyone from competing for a prize.

    And now for the prizes!

    General prize drawing: Maldivian Book Reviewer gets a signed copy of Breaking Point.

    Third Prize: CMD wins a signed copy of Breaking Point and a $10 Amazon gift card.

    Second Prize: Jessie Bornes wins a signed copy of Breaking Point and a $15 Amazon gift card.

    First Prize: Janet Kirer wins a signed copy of Breaking Point and a $20 Amazon gift card, and a walk-on cameo in the next I-Team novel as a character of my choice.

    GRAND PRIZE WINNER: Inkbella wins a signed copy of Breaking Point and a $25 Amazon gift card, a personal phone call from me and the chance to read the next I-Team novel as it is being written as part of my feedback team.


    Thanks to everyone who participated. I hope you enjoyed yourselves. You certainly proved you know your stuff when it comes to all things I-Team.

    A special thanks to the home team who helped pull these questions together: Michelle, Ronlyn, Stef, Sue Z, and Libby. You know you are my lifeline!

    Stay tuned for more I-Team fun as we count down the last 21 days until the release of Breaking Point! Still to come:

    Match the Quote to the I-Team Hero
    Interviews with I-Team characters
    And some very special and exciting news from the real world of journalism.

    And, hey, winners, send me your mailing/contact info at: pamelaclare at earthlink dot net. And, Inkbella, that includes your phone number.

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