I-TEAM TRIVIA, Round I

    You’ve read the stories. You’ve loved the heroes. Now test your knowledge of the I-Team series.

    Here are the rules:

    Since no one can tell who’s looking in the books and who isn’t, we’ll make the playing field level by saying this is an open-book trivia contest.

    Answer each question as thoroughly and specifically as you can. There may be more than one answer per question, so read closely and think carefully. I am the sole arbiter of whether an answer is correct or not. Credit will be given for answers that are mostly correct.

    E-mail your answers to me at pamelaclare at earthlink dot net by 11:59 PM Mountain Time on Saturday, April 9. Anything arriving in my e-mail Inbox after that will be disqualified.

    Already I have nine completed I-Team Trivia entries, and most of the answers are right! I-Team fans rock! You are fantastic!

    Answers will be posted here on April 12. We can’t pre-empt Man-Titty Monday, can we?


    The more correct answers you have, the more chances you have to win! All winners will be chosen by an online contest randomizer.

    Everyone who participates will be entered into a drawing for a signed copy of Breaking Point.

    Third Place — Anyone who gets 30 answers or more right will be entered in a drawing for a signed copy of Breaking Point and a $10 Amazon gift card.

    Second Place — Anyone who gets 40 or more answers right will be entered in a drawing for a drawing for a signed copy of Breaking Point and a $15 Amazon gift card.

    First Place — Anyone who gets all 50 right will be entered into a drawing for a signed copy of Breaking Point and a $20 Amazon gift card, and a walk-on cameo in the next I-Team novel as a character of my choice.

    Grand Prize — Anyone who gets more than 50 right — all 50 questions plus the bonus questions — will be entered into a drawing for a signed copy of Breaking Point and a $25 Amazon gift card, a personal phone call from me and the chance to read the next I-Team novel as it is being written as part of the feedback team.

    Round II will take place toward the end of the month and will involve matching the hero or heroine to the quote.

    Now, here we go for Round I. Enjoy!

    1. What are the names of Kara and Reece’s children? List them in the order in which they were born.

    2. What weapon did the bad guy in Naked Edge use to force Kat to cooperate?

    3. What was Julian’s father’s profession?

    4. Who is the managing editor of the Denver Independent?

    5. What did Webb use to neutralize Gabe?

    6. Who is Kara McMillian’s “baby daddy”?

    7. June 9, 1996: What is this date, and why was it important to remember?

    8. What is Julian Darcangelo’s undercover name?

    9. Name of the sacred site east of Boulder that plays an important role in Naked Edge.

    10. What high-point-value word does Will use to win at Sex Scrabble?

    11. What does Bilagáanaa mean?

    12. What martial art does Julian practice daily to maintain his physical and mental state?

    13. What is Marc’s e-mail address?

    14. Name Megan’s baby daddy.

    15. Kat and Gabe were almost killed three times. List them.

    16. What is Kara’s mother’s name?

    17. Who calls Kat and Gabe “busy bunnies”?

    18. Where was Tessa born?

    19. How old was Holly when she lost her virginity, and where did it happen?

    20. Give Kat and Gabe’s daughter’s Diné name and its meaning.

    21. Name the “secret location” Kara was taken for her protection.

    22. What did Marc find and remove from Sophie’s bedside table when he visited her apartment in secret? What did he leave in their place?

    23. Who is the first person to die in Hard Evidence?

    24. How did Sophie realize Marc Hunter was Hunt?

    25. What does Alice James do to protect her corn crop each year?

    26. What is the name of the puppy that Reece brings home from the pound for Connor?

    27. What are Tessa and Julian’s “gang names”?

    28. A pastor and his wife give Megan shelter. What are their names?

    29. What is the Indian name of the ceremony that is interrupted at the beginning of Naked Edge?

    30. What type of car do Syko and Flaco’s minions drive?

    31. Name all of John Cross’s accomplices.

    32. What drug was used to ensure Megan’s fellow victims overdosed and died?

    33. Who was the first person Marc had sex with and how old was he?

    34. What type of weapon does Julian carry?

    35. What did Marc earn in Afghanistan?

    36. What was Tessa’s original last name?

    37. Name the halfway house where Megan stayed before going on the run.

    38. What does Kat sprinkle on the ground after seeing a coyote?

    39. Gabe describes Kat and himself as the 8th and 9th dwarves. What names did he use?

    40. Name the camp Megan where stayed when she was a little girl.

    41. What is Kat’s Lakota nickname?

    42. Which name for a character in the I-Team series is also used for a character in the MacKinnon’s Rangers series?

    43. What speech does Tom typically give when he’s grandstanding about the role of journalism in society?

    44. What team did Will play for in college?

    45. Who is Malibu Melanie?

    46. Name the two young women who were tricked into overdosing by the bad guys.

    47. How many confirmed kills did Hunt have as an army sniper?

    48. What does Julian give Tessa to help her sleep after she is molested by an intruder while taking a bath?

    49. Where did Julian and Tessa kiss for the first time?

    50. Who has sex in the snow?

    Bonus Questions:

    B1. How far was Marc’s record-setting kill shot?

    B2. What is CKD?

    B3. Complete this quote —
    Inmate: “What you in for, baby?”
    I-Team heroine: “Castrating some guy because he ________me.”

    B4. What friend of Will’s does Holly make out with in public?

    B5. What is our word for what the Diné call Náhookos Biko'?

    Have fun and thanks for playing!

    A special and very heart-felt thanks to: Michelle, Stef, SueZ, Libby, and Ronlyn for helping me get the questions put together for this. We would not be doing this today without them!

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