A glimpse ahead at... DEFIANT

    I just thought I’d pop in and share a few things with you.

    The first is a glimpse at a draft of the cover for Surrender. I’m not sure how close this is to final. What I can say is that, unlike my previous publisher, they went to extreme lengths to be historically accurate, even bringing in a period musket for the model to hold. The detail, though subtle, is very accurate, down to the lodge in the background. They’re clearly going for a very different look, one that makes the most of the verdant forests of upstate New York. And — hallelujah! — no tipis!

    As you may remember, I left one publisher and took most of my historicals to another. Penguin bought the MacKinnon’s Rangers books, keeping the series alive. They’re re-releasing both Surrender, Iain and Annie’s story, in December and then Untamed, Morgan and Amalie’s story, in January 2012. Then in February 2012, the book you’ve been bugging me about for what feels like centuries will finally be out, Defiant, Connor and Sarah’s story.

    Here’s the back cover copy for Connor’s book, Defiant:

    Charged with a crime they didn’t commit, the MacKinnon brothers faced a death sentence until they agreed to serve the British Crown in the Colonies and take up arms against the French. Allied with the Indian tribes who lived beside them in the wilderness, the Scottish Highland warriors forged a new breed of soldier…

    MacKinnon’s Rangers

    Major Connor MacKinnon despises his commander, Lord William Wentworth, beyond all other men. Ordered to rescue Wentworth’s niece after the Shawnee take her captive, he expects Lady Sarah Woodville to be every bit as arrogant and contemptible as her uncle. Instead, he finds a brave and beautiful lass in desperate peril. But the only way to free Sarah is for Connor to defeat the Shawnee warrior who kidnapped her—and claim her himself.

    Torn by tragedy from her sheltered life in London, Lady Sarah is unprepared for the harshness of the frontier—or for the attraction she feels toward Connor as he guides her first through the consummation of their forced union and then through the dangers of the wilderness. When they reach civilization, however, it is she who must protect him. For if her uncle knew all that Connor had done to save her, he would surely kill him.

    But the flames of passion, once kindled, are difficult to deny. As desire transforms into love, Connor will have to defy an empire to keep Sarah at his side.

    ~ ~ ~

    So the trick is finishing the book in time to meet that February release date...

    Have a great weekend, everyone! I’ll be a day’s forced march south-southwest of Albany with Connor and Sarah, who are dealing with that whole consummation issue. I’m just starting Chapter 8 out of about 31 chapters.

    Only 11 days till Breaking Point hits the shelves!

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