Weird things people send us

    I'm feeling a bit better today — loads less pain, but still very tired and sluggish. I went to work, put the paper to bed and left a bit early. I need to rest one of these days! I hate it that so many of us work jobs that don't allow for us to be biological organisms that sometimes need to rest and heal. I think I'm going to call in sick tomorrow just to sleep. (Imagine that!)

    Today I got a large box of designer makeup products in the mail. Retailers and wholesalers send all sorts of things to newspaper editors. Trojan sent me an enormous box of condoms once. It sat on my desk for days, and I wasn't really paying attention to it until someone came in for an interview and I saw them staring at it. I wanted to say, "You know, you never can be too careful. I keep a box in my car, too." But that wouldn't have been too professional. So I told them the truth: unsolicited sample.

    Then there was the time a company sent us a box of vibrators. Some were shaped like rubber duckies. One was a penguin. Another was shaped like a google-eyed gold fish. This was out of the blue, mind you. So I and another female member of the staff divided them up amongst the chicks in the office. I took the penguin. Gives new meaning to "March of the Penguins," eh?

    Over the years I've gotten (unsolicited): lacy panties, jog bras, T-shirts galore, boxes and bags of candy, chocolate, tea, coffee, and food (including a frozen turkey); vitamins; energy drinks; granola bars; books of all kinds; DVDs; CDs; gift certificates for free massages and other forms of body work. And, of course, I haven't paid to attend a play or concert in probably 15 years. What are press cards for, anyway?

    Oh, the schwag! Oh, the perks!

    So today it was makeup: Vera Wang perfume, Mariska Hargitay lipstick; some kind of lip plumping kit; lotions, hand cremes, body butter; sparkly rose powder that I suspect you put on your cheeks; something I don't know what it is; some kind of gel that has antioxidants and is supposed to make you blush, & etc. Too bad Lina isn't here to play! She made me look like a sex kitten at RWA last summer. She'd know what to do with this stuff.

    I hope to get time to get back to Marc and Sophie tomorrow.

    Hugs to all...

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