Blogito Ergo Sum

    That's Latin for "I blog, therefore I am."

    I haven't been keeping up very well, have I?

    I blame Libby. I went to her place after work last Friday (the first day of my failure to blog), and had a terrific time. She's gorgeous, sweet, funny, naughty and a very good cook. She made a couple of really delicious dishes for us — asparagus and portobello mushrooms in one and a scrumptious pasta dish that had perfectly cooked pasta with tomatoes, seared spinach and some kind of very light but delicous sauce. (This is starting to sound like Leiha's blog, isn't it?)

    We drank lemoncello — the first time I'd tasted that — and I got a bit tipsy. Which led to four hours of conversation, followed by a scrumptious viewing of Carolina Moon. The hero, Cade Lavelle, was played by an actor who ought to be part of every woman's FDA recommended daily allowance of vitamin hunk.

    The cool thing is that Libby lives 20 minutes up the highway, so we can do a repeat on that night anytime.

    Saturday and Sunday I spent frantically writing, trying to finish up the primary sex scene in Unlawful Contact. Now that it's done, I'm not sure what I think of it. I may rewrite substantial portions of the chapter toward the end in order to thread in a little plot point. I won't get time to look at it today, unfortunately.

    I stayed up writing until 2 a.m. Monday morning hoping to get the chapter to Aimee, then couldn't sleep, then had to get up to go to work at the paper at 5 a.m., so yesterday was a haze. I came home and crashed. Today I'm doing much better.

    But to make up for my failure to blog, I offer this website as recompense:

    I chose Brian in the kitchen in the contruction worker outfit — which he, of course, removed. YUM!

    And just so you'll know, I now have an enormous iTunes bill from downloading all of the songs y'all recommended. Some of them are fantastic. "Freak Me" by Silk is a winner. Very sexy! I can't remember who suggested that one.

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