Happy Waitangi Day!

    Today is Waitangi Day. I hope everyone celebrated appropriately. I really have no idea what Waitangi Day is about, but it became a newsroom custom to celebrate it back in the late 1990s when I was working at Colorado Daily. Terje Langeland, probably the best reporter I've ever had the honor to work with, started it all by wishing us all a Happy Waitangi Day one year. None of us knew WTF he was talking about, but there it was on our calendar: Waitangi Day.

    As the years passed, we celebrated it with cards and other goofy activities, such that it became an excuse to act silly at work. Except that Terje (who's 6-foot-7 and Norwegian) is now far away in Japan, and I'm not longer with that particular group of reporters. Our little newroom culture has faded into the past. Terje and I still send each other "Happy Waitangi Day" emails, but it's not the same.

    I spent today feeling awful and working on my cover story about Molly Ivins. I consider it nothing short of a major feat that I finished it. I got maybe three hours of sleep last night. My face was throbbing from this damned sinus infection, and the pain was truly on the brink of intolerable. (Thanks to Aimee for staying up with me while I held frozen broccoli on my face. Mwah!) I took a bag of frozen peas to work and held it on my face while I tryped.

    No fiction today, though I have pondered this next scene in the book. It's a sex scene. Marc and Sophie finally, FINALLY, getting together. The set-up hasn't quite come to me, probably because my brain is infected, too. LOL! Maybe when I get some sleep and these antibiotics kick in I'll feel better.

    I just voted in the HUGHEYS, and in the process of choosing my Best of for 2006 realized I'd only read a handful of books last year. D'oh! That's not good. I need to make more time for reading this year.

    My son, Ben, made a wonderful chicken soup for dinner to try and pamper his sick mom, and now I'm headed to bed...


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