Anticipating Evil (Libby, that is)

    So tomorrow at this time — or thereabouts — I'll be north of here at the home of Evil Libby from the RBL Romantica board. Libby has recorded CAROLINA MOON with her Tivo so that she and I can watch it. There will be alcohol, and perhaps a police escort home, if I'm not careful. Ahem.

    Anyway, I'm really looking forward to this. It's made me think about the ReBeLs I've met, those I've talked with on the phone and how many wonderful friends I've made through the RBL Romantica message board over the years. It's such a fun place to hang out, and I feel so privileged to be included in the group. There are, after all, places on the 'Net that are less than welcoming to authors, and there are places that are for readers only. But RBL Romantica is the perfect place to mingle and just be yourself.

    I've met in person: Vickie, the original Headmistress of RBL; Linda, our Den Mom; Lina, the Sexy Pretzel and contest coordinator extraordinaire; Su, my sexy dance partner; Leiha, my other sexy dance partner; Linda T, the elusive Rebel, now know as Sparklz on the BTS blog; and Mich the Sexy Wonder Mom.

    I've talked on the phone with Aimee, who can personally take credit for keeping me awake and sane while I was writing Hard Evidence,; wonderful Rae, who isn't on the board as much as I wish she were; Boadicea, who is tons of fun and lives nearby -- relatively speaking; Little Red Devil Ann Owen, who had lots of good advice on my recent work situation; our darling Beaty; and probably a few others, too... (I think Judy and I talked once when she was at Vic's house...)

    I've chatted via IM with Nes the sex goddess and sweet and darling Rosie (no, Ro, I didn't forget what I was going to send you).

    I've traded emails with so many other ReBeLs, each of them reaching out at times to offer feedback or support or friendship: Robin, Jaycee, Karen, Missy, Heather, Tammy, Debbie H, Cindy O., Bobbi, Sarah, Amy, Rhiannon, Patty S., Kelly C., Tammy2, Sara, Kristi, Beth, Sandra, MiladyM, Ronlyn and others...

    RBL rocks. What can I say? I've loved every minute of it. :-)

    So now I'm about to meet Libby and find out exactly how evil she is. I hear she's a Badass Warrior Princess in her spare time. Good thing her DH is a cop. He can keep her BWP butt out of jail. Hopefully one of us will be capable of taking pictures, even wearing handcuffs.

    OK, back to writing. Thanks for sharing your playlists — there are literally dozens and dozens of songs for me to listen to. Thanks, too, for weighing in on fun places to have sex. I love it! And, hey, I need all the inspiration I can get.

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