Trouble with wireless/More thoughts on sex in books

    So, we got wireless in our town. The entire town is a hot spot. I'm just having a bit of trouble figuring out how to make it work with blogger, which is why I haven't posted recently. But I've gotten this far, so that's exciting! It's going to be great to have faster access to the 'Net and to VoIP programs like Skype. I do some serious Skyping to Europe, and the lag time on dial-up is hideous!

    I've moved on to the next chapter in UNLAWFUL CONTACT — Chapter 18, to be specific — and will be writing lots more sex. Yes, it's that part of the story where they finally get to steep themselves in passion for a while. I'm enjoying the writing, which is nice.

    Until recently I would have said that there really can't be too much sex in a romance novel. And then I read a book that had too much sex. Every scene felt like a construct to generate another sex scene, like a porn movie where every little thing becomes the prelude to more sex. While the sex was reasonably well written, after a while, it became... dull. I didn't care if he was giving it to her again or not.

    I'm thinking ahead for this story, thinking of some fun scenarios I haven't written. Extreme Exposure had snow sex and jiggle stick sex. Hard Evidence had shower sex. So what's been in my head for this book is hot tub sex and mirror sex (and maybe some pearl vibrator sex).

    What are your favorite sexual fantasies in romances? Oral sex? Threesomes? Bondage? Rough sex?

    Come on, spill!

    For me, bondage can only be of the vanilla variety — no hardcore BDSM. And I'm not interested in writing or reading anal sex. But rough sex and oral sex and showers and vibrators. Yum. Mild bondage. Mirrors. Maybe even a home gym scene. (Haven't you ever thought those weight benches resemble stirrups or am I by my pervvy self on this score?)

    Love to hear your thoughts. Get dirty with me!

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