2 Tired 2 Blog

    Long, long day, but a good one. Things seemed to change by the hour at work today, and all for the better. I'll wait to see where they end up before I say more. I feel very good about all of it — what a relief after the stress of the past several months! Regardless of which way things go with my job, I feel very good about all of it. Sometimes when you take a stand it makes a difference -- that's what my message has been as a journalist and now it seems to be true in my own life.

    It's snowing again and very cold. I came home to a house that was FREEEEEEZING and still don't feel warm. We've had six feet of snow since Dec. 22 right here in my yard, so I'm kind of done with winter. Yes, this is Colorado, but as Evil Libby can attest, usually our winters are pretty balmy, unless you're in the high country, i.e., mountains.

    Tonight, Benjy is spending the night at a friend's house where tomorrow they will treat their girlfriends to a three-course meal which they will have cooked themselves, roses, mini-lights and a guitar concert, during which these three boys will take turns as lead singer to sing "their" songs to their girlfriends. Much preparation has gone into it.

    Liz, my son's girlfriend, has her own special plans.

    Much romantic scheming going on.

    If I knew how to post photos, I'd post one of the two of them. Too bad! There's one where he's giving her flowers and you can see on his face how utterly besotted and in love he is.

    Off to bed for me before I fall over.


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