Why Gabe is sexy

    This is what I have in mind when I think Gabe Rossiter, my hero in Naked Edge. I figured that since I tortured you with Marc, I should torture you with Gabe, as well.

    I grew up in a family of rock and mountain climbers, spending most every weekend of my childhood in the mountains watching guys get vertical. I even did some climbing myself, both alpine and rock. I never got into it the way my dad and brothers have, and, after falling 40 feet off Mount Ida and getting my free chopper ride to the trauma center, decided my feet belong on the ground, thankyouverymuch!

    But I'm guessing not many of you have watched people rock climb and can't quite visualize what Gabe spends his time doing. I thought I'd share these intense (and sexy) videos so that you'd gain some appreciation for what it means to be a rock jock.

    This one features a climber doing a traverse. He's not high off the ground, but it's hard to be upside down like that for long. Be warned, the song playing in the background is full of profanity. You might want to mute your 'puter and just watch...

    This one shows a guy doing some crazy free-soloing high above deep water. If he fell, he might live. Then again, when you hit water hard, it's like hitting concrete.

    There are other climbing videos on that site, if you want to watch them.

    Have a great week!

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