And the winners are...

    Thanks to those of you who played along with I-Team trivia. I hope you all had fun with it.

    Strangely, I thought that the Round III questions were the most difficult, but everyone got perfect scores. Which means that the scores basically stayed the same as before. So, the winners to the I-Team Trivia Contest are:

    First Place: Ronlyn
    Second Place: Stef
    Third Place: Christi
    Fourth Place: Tena and JennJ (tied)


    And now for the answers to Round III's questions:

    1. What variety of martial art does Julian practice? Aikido

    2. Where did the whistleblower first ask Kara to meet him? At an abandoned warehouse near Quebec and Smith roads.

    3. What did Tessa get accused of trying to steal as a little girl? Books — because she wanted to read. (Poor girl!)

    4. Where was Alexi Burien born (town and country)? Gzel, Russia (I'm so blown away that anyone got this.)

    5. What kind of weapon does Reece carry in his briefcase when he realizes Kara’s life is in danger? A Sphynx .9mm

    6. What’s the name of the secret operation lead by Julian that frees the sex-trafficking victims at Pasha's? Operation Abolish

    7. Who taught Marc the ins and outs of sex (be specific)? Ms. Meadows, the English teacher

    8. Where does the newspaper hide Kara after she’s attacked in her home (be specific)? At the Loews Hotel.

    9. What is Sophie’s phobia? SPIDERS! Can you blame her? Horrid creatures!

    10. What does “el-wop” mean? Life Without Parole — good times... NOT!

    All four of you get some kind of prize. Email me so we can figure out what it is. I know some of you have all of my books, but some don't. And there are other things, like samples of "Marc" and "Sophie" perfume.

    Congrats again to the winners!

    Now what game shall we play next? Pin the cannoli on the hero?

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