And the fun continues...

    Remember the tornado that tore through Windsor, Colo.? That's about ten minutes by highway north of me. It produced a huge hail storm here and a big thunderstorm in Boulder, where I was working at the time.

    I noticed a bunch of people with workmen on their roofs along my street and asked my neighbor what was up. He said that our end of town had been declared part of the disaster zone from the tornado and that people were getting their roofs replaced from hail damage. I figured, well, I didn't have any hail damage. Or did I?

    It's not like I go up on the roof, you know.

    So I called my insurance agent and asked if they could check for me. And yesterday mid-day I got a call that my roof and chimney both need to be replaced because they're now structurally unsound due to hail damage.

    Who knew?

    I'm glad I found out before I got flooded out of the house by our first big snowstorm. It's been so dry here that there's no way I would have known. Freaky!

    This is the final cover for Untamed.

    I have in my possession the trimmed version of Untamed, which I must quickly read and get back to New York. I had one cut scene restored, and I asked to have a different scene cut in its place, changing the story on one key point. I think it was a good compromise. Ideally, the whole thing would be there, but having lost only 28 pages and not 100 is a relief. The epilogue will not be included at all, but will be available for immediate download, probably from my website.

    I hope everyone has a great weekend! I'm off to deal with insurance companies.

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