I-Team Trivia, Round III

    I am so sorry to have vanished. The paper got unexpectedly busy. I had a special edition dropped in my lap. When you're going to press Wednesday and by Monday have no clue what's going in the paper, you have some long hours ahead of you. Trust me on this.

    I'm also very behind on emails. I apologize and hope to catch up soon!

    First, before we move on to Round III, let's look at how the cumulative scores add up:

    First Place — Ronlyn
    Second Place — Steff
    Third Place — Christi
    Fourth Place (still tied) — Jenn and Tena

    For Round II alone, Ronlyn and Steff tied, Christie came in second and Jenn and Tena tied for third.

    What you have to know is that these scores are separated by single points and, in one case, a half point. So it's very close, with Ronlyn a nose ahead of the competition.

    And here are the answers to Round II:

    1. What does Kara call Reece’s sister?
    Malibu Melanie

    2. What kind of weapon does Julian carry normally?
    A .357 SIG Sauer — the weapon of choice for federal law enforcement

    3. What’s the name of the prison-made tool Marc uses to break out of handcuffs?
    A shim

    4. What’s the name of the chief of police in this series?
    Chief Irving

    5. What’s the name of the strip club Julian visits under cover where girls are being used as sex slaves?

    6. What is Sophie’s favorite way to make chocolate chip cookies?
    Chipless chocolate chip cookies (everyone got this one right — LOL!)

    7. What are the two names of the corporation behind the pollution in Kara’s investigation and Reece’s tire-burning bill?
    TexaMent and Northrup.

    8. What is the name of the gang leader who warms to Tessa and helps her unravel the identity of the villain?

    9. Where do Marc and Sophie first make love?
    Colorado Monument

    10. What last name was Tessa born with?
    Tessa Bates. Her full name is Tessa Marie Bates.

    And now for Round III questions (drum roll):

    1. What variety of martial art does Julian practice?

    2. Where did the whistleblower first ask Kara to meet him?

    3. What did Tessa get accused of trying to steal as a little girl?

    4. Where was Alexi Burien born (town and country)?

    5. What kind of weapon does Reece carry in his briefcase when he realizes Kara’s life is in danger?

    6. What’s the name of the secret operation lead by Julian that frees the sex-trafficking victims at Pasha's?

    7. Who taught Marc the ins and outs of sex (be specific)?

    8. Where does the newspaper hide Kara after she’s attacked in her home (be specific)?

    9. What is Sophie’s phobia?

    10. What does “el-wop” mean?

    Good luck!!! Please get your answers into my email Inbox by no later than 11:59 PM on Sunday!

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