I-Team Trivia, Round II (updated)

    So far the scores line up like this:

    First Place: Ronlyn
    Second Place (a tie): Christi and Steff
    Third Place (a tie): Tena and Jenn

    And here are the answers for Round I:

    1. What’s the name of bar/restaurant where Reece and Kara meet?

    The Rio del Sol, or The Rio

    2. What are Julian’s two undercover alias?

    Dominic Conti and Tony Corelli.
    Some of you put Dark Angel, but that's his street name, given to him by gang members, just like gang members called Tessa "Blondie."

    3. What does CORA stand for?

    Colorado Open Records Act.
    A Colorado journalist's best friend!

    4. How does Sophie finally recognize Marc?

    In the cabin, he slips and calls her "Sprite."

    5. What kind of vehicle does Reece drive (including color)?

    A yellow Jeep Wrangler.
    (He's switching now to a Prius due to gas prices, but that's not in the book. LOL!)

    6. What does virginal, teenage Sophie expect a man’s penis to feel like?

    Everyone got this right: A HOT DOG!

    7. What is Tessa’s (and the author's) favorite kind of latte?

    Triple grande skinny vanilla latte.
    Got one on my desk right now.

    8. What does I-Team stand for?

    Investigative Team.
    Kudos to those of you who added the name of the newspaper — The Denver Independent.

    9. What kind of firearm does Marc carry?

    A Glock .45 stolen off Kramer during his prison break.
    I was impressed by how many of you remembered Kramer's name.

    10. What does Connor call his mommy’s vibrator?

    A jiggle stick.

    Congrats to the four highest point winners in this round! Now on to Round II, where the questions get a bit tougher.

    Here, once more, are The Rules.

    To participate email your answers to me at pamelaclare @ earthlink . net (remove spaces) by the specified deadline.

    Do not post your answers on the blog. However, feel free to comment on the discussion questions.

    Each round of questions will remain on my blog for four days. The answers must arrive in my email before midnight on the fourth day.

    When I ask for the name of someone or something, I mean the entire name. First names don't cut it.

    After each round, the names of the highest scorers will be listed at the beginning of the next round. At the end of the 12-day contest, the participant who answered the most questions correctly will get a signed copy of the I-Team book of her choice together with a sample of "Marc" and "Sophie" perfumes.

    If there is a tie, we'll have an instant death play-off on in my chat room.

    I-Team Trivia, Round II Questions

    1. What does Kara call Reece’s sister?

    2. What kind of weapon does Julian carry normally?

    3. What’s the name of the prison-made tool Marc uses to break out of handcuffs?

    4. What’s the name of the chief of police in this series?

    5. What’s the name of the strip club Julian visits under cover where girls are being used as sex slaves?

    6. What is Sophie’s favorite way to make chocolate chip cookies?

    7. What are the two names of the corporation behind the pollution in Kara’s investigation and Reece’s tire-burning bill?

    8. What is the name of the gang leader who warms to Tessa and helps her unravel the identity of the villain?

    9. Where do Marc and Sophie first make love?

    10. What last name was Tessa born with?

    Today's discussion question: Which of the three heroes — Reece, Julian or Marc — would you most like to sleep with? Which one do you think would be best in bed?

    Have a great day everyone! Please get your answers to me by 11:59 on Sunday! And good luck!

    Update: Steff sent me her answers and like a true blonde, I lost them. She got them in well before the deadline, and so I'm counting them.

    There is only 1/2 a point separating First and Second Place at this moment, so who knows who will win?

    If you didn't play Round I, feel free to jump in on Round II anyway. I will be giving surprises and bonus prizes.

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