My new car

    Just thought I'd pop in and share a photo of my new baby. The car that was totaled on May 9 was a 2006 Nissan Sentra. I loved that car, and it repaid my love by saving my son's life. After driving around in borrowed vehicles for a month, I finally brought home a new car!

    It's a cherry-red Mazda 3, and it's so fun to drive! I never thought I'd have anything like this, but after test-driving it and seeing all of its extra features, I really felt that it would hold its resale value longer than another Nissan. Plus people told me that, because I'm not a car person at all. But what they said was backed up by stuff on the Internet — so it must be the truth, right?

    I'm happy to say that SueZ has already told me she'll allow me to pick her up from the airport in this car. So she's not ashamed to be seen with me any longer.

    Untamed is written and in to the publisher, but it's doubtful that readers will see the version I wrote. Due to increases in the cost of shipping and the laws of physics which state that only so many books can fit in a box, the publisher is looking at cutting possibly as much as 100 pages in order to make it smaller. Needless to say, I am both heart-broken and pissed off. I ended up feeling very satisfied with the version I sent in. I hate to see anything cut from Morgan and Amalie's story.

    I'm taking some time off this week to reeee-lax, which I desperately need to do. Between computer crashes, car crashes, graduations, award ceremonies, movie premiers and book deadlines, things have been too busy and too stressful.

    Then I promise we'll play "I-Team Trivia!"

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