Untamed news

    When you start seeing these, you'll know Untamed has hit the shelves.

    Thanks to Sybil from TGTBTU, I learned today — or was it yesterday? — that Untamed is slated for an October 28 release. Sybil always seems to know more about what my publishers have in mind for me than I do, and yesterday she forwarded me an email from Erin, the sweetheart who does publicity for Leisure Books, that contained this information.

    So it's not November, like I thought, it's October 28.

    And in other Untamed news... the novel is done! I mailed off everything except the epilogue, which is not written, to New York yesterday.

    This weekend, I will write the epilogue and email that in, and then I will officially be completely done.

    In other news:

    Ben graduated from high school on Saturday. It was really wonderful to watch him get his diploma. He graduated with honors with one of the top 10 GPAs in a graduating class of 504 kids. On the Thursday night before graduation, the school held its award ceremony, where he received an Outstanding Scholar award for his GPA, as well as a scholarship for being the top language arts student ("superb writer," the presenter said). But most wonderful of all, he was named to the Knights of the Round Table, the highest honor his school gives out.

    To be a Knight of the Round Table, a student must be nominated by at least three teachers and survive three rounds of discussion and faculty voting. Of the 504 kids in his class, only 13 made Knights of the Round Table, and he was one of them. Of course, he was the last one to be named, so I'd pretty much assumed he didn't get it. When they said his name, I gasped so loudly that people five rows up turned around. And I was so stunned I didn't even cry. Those of you who know me can attest that this is extreme.

    So please forgive me for being absent. Between car crashes, doctor's visits, insurance hassles, work at the paper, awards ceremonies, out of town guests and graduation, I've been a bit busy lately.

    I'm hoping things will calm down so that I can get the I-Team Trivia game up and running!

    Thanks to all of you for your emails and cards and messages regarding Ben and the car crash. Your support made all the difference! There were days when a friendly email kept me sane. You rock!

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