Cover copy for Untamed

    I just thought I'd share. This is the back cover copy for Untamed.

    I'm working on the last two scenes of the story today and hoping to be done and have it mailed to New York by Monday. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    In the breathtaking tradition of The Last of the Mohicans

    MacKinnon’s Rangers

    They were a band of brothers, their loyalty to one another forged by hardship and battle, the bond between these Highland warriors, rugged colonials, and fierce Native Americans stronger even than blood ties.


    Though forced to fight for the hated British, Morgan MacKinnon would no more betray the men he leads than slit his own throat—not even when he was captured by the French and threatened with an agonizing death by fire at the hands of their Abenaki allies. Only the look of innocent longing in the eyes of a convent-bred French lass could make him question his vow to escape and return to the Rangers. And soon the sweet passion he awoke in Amalie had him cursing the war that forced him to choose between upholding his honor and pledging himself to the woman he loves.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    On another note: My son will be going to Ithaca College in Ithaca, NY, so I'll be five or six hours away from Ticonderoga and less than that away from Fort William-Henry (what I call Fort Billy-Hank around the house). There's currently an excavation taking place on Rogers Island, what I call Ranger Island in my stories. So I want to take time to see those places while I'm visiting him. It will blow me away to stand where the real Rangers stood, to walk in the places where my heroes walk. I'll probably be a teary-eyed mess. But I'll take pictures to share with you all.

    On yet another unrelated note: I posted some of my favorite newsroom photos on the I-Team group page in Facebook. If you're on Facebook, feel free to join and hang with me and the members of the real-life Dream Team, which inspired the I-Team. The photos show how silly investigative reporters get in between breaking big stories and meeting deadlines. Click HERE to hang with the I-Team

    I-Team Trivia still ahead...

    Plus, soon we'll have a visit from sensual suspense author HelenKay Dimon.

    Now back to the 18th century for me. Today, I'm hanging at the Falls of Carillon.

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