Sweeter (re)Release

    Long time, no see! I miss your posts. I miss your emails. But who am I to complain because I'm the one who vanished!

    This past week, we put to bed what is usually our biggest paper of the year—132 pages that included the regular paper, in addition to our "Best of" issue. Major PITA, of course, but at least it's done for another year. And it turned out well, I think. I spent the week before working 12-hour days, bringing work home with me and editing until I could not stay awake.

    The result is that I'm chronically behind on email and blogging and everything else, including finishing Untamed. It was due Feb. 29, after all. Then I got till the first week of April—which, alas, has passed. However, I'm working on the last chapter this weekend and hope to have the story edited and out the door by the Monday after Mother's Day.

    The cool news is that I got a box of cover flats today for my historicals—the new covers for Ride the Fire and Surrender, together with the updated covers of Sweet Release and Carnal Gift. I must have hundreds of these now—a good excuse for a contest, no? What am I going to do with 400 cover flats?

    But here's the scoop: My backlist is being re-released in October with extras inside (which still have to be written...) and the books will cost only $4.99.

    I didn't know that, and I'm excited about it, because stuff is too expensive these days, and this will give people who've never read my books a reason to pick them up. It will also make it easier for people who've read them before, but want to pick up a new copy of Ride the Fire or Surrender just to have the covers, won't have to shell out 8 bucks to do it.

    One thing I noticed about the new covers. My name is so BIG!

    Coming soon:
    —I-Team Trivia: Who knows most about Kara, Tessa and Sophie? Who's the expert on Reece, Julian and Marc? I'll post the questions, you email the answers and the winner gets a signed book, plus "Marc" and "Sophie" perfume—not to mention bragging rights.
    —Investigative Reporter Bootcamp: So you think you want to become an investigative reporter. Read this training manual and take the multiple-choice quiz to see if you've got the right stuff to join the staff in my newsroom.
    —An Interview with My Mom: She's a woman I admire, a woman who's literally saved lives with her own hands, a woman who's made a difference in hundreds of other people's lives. It's my little tribute to my mom.

    So stay tuned. I'll try not to vanish for long periods again, but don't you vanish either, unless it's on some sexy beach vacation, in which case you have to take your camera with you so that you can snap photos of beach hunks to share. :-)

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