Regrouping and Thanks!

    This is a view of my car on the driver's side.

    I just wanted to thank all of you who emailed and sent cards. This was a tough week, and your support and kindness helped both me and Ben get through it.

    Looking at what's left of my car, it's very easy to see that it could have been worse. I'm very lucky to have a son graduating from high school next Saturday — a week from today! — and he's very lucky to have a whole, sound body. Now it just remains to us to deal with the paperwork and the medical bills.

    Ben is feeling much better. His neck is still sore, and it hurts to raise his right arm. But his bruises are healing very quickly, as are the cuts and contusions.

    So last Friday before the ER called to say they had my son, I was midway through the second-to-last scene in Untamed. (Oh, that's right! There's a book I'm writing! I keep forgetting... ) And that's where I'm headed now, once I've had enough coffee.

    I must, must, must finish it this weekend, so send some writer mojo my way.

    Still to come: I-Team trivia with prizes! And Investigative Reporter Boot Camp...

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