I-Team Trivia, Round I

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    Welcome to I-Team Trivia!

    This is your chance to show off your knowledge of my I-Team series and to win some cool prizes. Here are the rules: There will be three rounds of questions, each growing progressively more difficult and each featuring trivia questions from all three I-Team stories that are already published. There will be one or two discussion questions, as well.

    The Rules

    To participate email your answers to me at pamelaclare @ earthlink . net (remove spaces) by the specified deadline.

    Do not post your answers on the blog. However, feel free to comment on the discussion questions.

    Each round of questions will remain on my blog for four days. The answers must arrive in my email before midnight on the fourth day.

    When I ask for the name of someone or something, I mean the entire name. First names don't cut it.

    After each round, the names of the highest scorers will be listed at the beginning of the next round. At the end of the 12-day contest, the participant who answered the most questions correctly will get a signed copy of the I-Team book of her choice together with a sample of "Marc" and "Sophie" perfumes.

    If there is a tie, we'll have an instant death play-off on in my chat room.

    Now let the fun begin. And may the most rabid I-Team fan win!!!

    Round I Questions

    1. What’s the name of bar/restaurant where Reece and Kara meet?

    2. What are Julian’s two undercover alias?

    3. What does CORA stand for?

    4. How does Sophie finally recognize Marc?

    5. What kind of vehicle does Reece drive (including color)?

    6. What does virginal, teenage Sophie expect a man’s penis to feel like?

    7. What is Tessa’s (and the author's) favorite kind of latte?

    8. What does I-Team stand for?

    9. What kind of firearm does Marc carry?

    10. What does Connor call his mommy’s vibrator?

    Discussion question: Which villain(s) do you dislike the most? If you got to shoot just one person in the series, who would it be?

    Answers are due in my email by 11:59 on Thursday, June 26.

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