YAY! No surgery!

    Monday. Again. Already. And I only wrote 2,200 words over the weekend. I needed to write at least 3,000...

    Confession: I read two JR Ward novels over the week/weekend, too. I'm sucked in to the Black Dagger Brotherhood series, and I don't even like paranormals. D'oh!!!

    The highlight of my day today was watching a video made from a special CT scan of my own head. I watched from the top of my skull down through my brain, sinuses, mouth etc. It was really cool to see my eyeballs appear out of the depths. They really are round. I could see my optic nerves. Everything. Funky! And, yes, I do have a brain. That was a relief to see.

    The purpose of the scan was to see if I need to have yet another sinus surgery, and the answer thankfully is no. That's a huge relief.

    I went in to the office today planning to pound out a cover story about a group of local midwives who were helping to train women to deliver babies in Afghanistan who had to leave Afghanistan due to the crumbling situation there and who are now helping deliver babies in refugee camps in Soroti, Uganda. But I didn't get a chance to write a word. Too much mayhem.

    I did go to the gym, however, and spent 30 minutes on the treadmill watching hopelessly depressing news on the TV. Someone's always dying somewhere.

    I see that the news story I blogged about below has finally made it on to CNN and other national news programs. I'm surprised it took so long. My son is handling it all better now. He's pretty disgusted by the whole thing and feels the kids will get what they deserve.

    I also didn't get to do a thing on the whistleblower case. The whistleblower was supposed to drop by a bunch of documents and didn't. I know this person (no gender here) intends to do it and suspect s/he got waylaid or sidetracked by other things. Once I get those documents, I'm going to have to do a crash course in understanding them.

    Nikki, I just had to say that your post was incredibly touching. Thanks so much. The truth is, that even if I wanted to write in a different way, there's only so far a person can stretch their own voice before they just start faking it. My goal when I write is to make the characters feel real, so if they feel real to you, then I'm succeeding, at least where you're concerned. Thanks so much for taking the time to post! And come out to play more often if you can. :-)

    Ronlyn, welcome back! Glad you got the books!

    Debbie H, I hope there've been no more tornado warnings. Scary that you have to live with that.

    OK, I'm headed off for a latte (some friends got me a Starbuck's gift card for my non-birthday) and then more Marc and Sophie.

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