T minus nine days and counting

    That's Joanie and Lina from RBL Romantica exercising their right to sin on behalf of wild women everywhere. The two are in Las Vegas with the RBL Party Crew and sent this to me last night at 2:30 A-freaking-M. I was asleep. Was. They're both gorgeous. And here's a shout-out to Joanie, who sent me some delicious Tim Tams — that's Australian for "freaking yummy chocolate cookie," mate. Thanks, Joanie! And thanks for the photo, Lina-lass.

    Thank you all so much for your wishes and vibes and Second Chakra energy. :-)

    I got some writing done, had maybe 800 words left on Chapter 21 by bedtime. I started working on it early this morning, then cut the scene I had written out and decided it try a it a new way. But I failed to paste the scene I had cut into a new file to save it, so all of that work is lost.

    That weird sound you heared at about 2:45 Mountain Time was me screaming, after I decided to go with the original version of the scene and discovered I get to rewrite it. YAY!

    At the heart of things is this important issue: What obligation do I have to reality when writing a sex scene? If I want my characters to make made passionate monkey love in a hot tub, do I need to account for the following facts:

    1. Men's nuts vanish in high heat, and sustaining an erection isn't necessarily doable.

    2. Condoms do not like hot water.

    3. Women's natural lubrication tends to wash away, making any kind of in-water sex less sexy than it originally seemed it would be. That slick glide — you know the one I'm talking about — just isn't there no matter how turned on you are. As a Pisces who has tried every form of water she can fit into with a man, take my word on this.

    I'm willing to ignore the last fact. Fact No. 2 is pretty important. And fact No. 1 is... I don't know. Is it important? Our heroes do a lot of things nonfictional males can't do. What do you think?

    Also, I have a devious, nefarious plan. I'm going to post the entire first sex scene from my novel on this blog... for a total of two hours. Tomorrow night at 7 p.m. MT (we're on Daylight Savings already and are one hour ahead of California and two hours behind NY), I will post the scene. Then at 9 p.m., I will delete it.

    To help get you in the mood, how about another picture of that yummy model. This time he's in a suit, not leather, and he's not wearing shades. I wish he weren't wearing anything.

    OK, time to reinvent yesterday's scene and move forward at lightning speed!

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