Spring Fever

    I'm so glad everyone enjoyed the excerpt and a look at luscious Daniel Bueno. He's a Brazilian model. I wish he were my mattress.

    Rosie, Joanie, Kristi, Gaby — Your books are in the mail. Finally! Ro and J, yours should get to Rosie's by Monday. I sent them priority to make sure. I hope you all enjoy the stories. And you have to email me and tell me which parts you liked best (or hated most, if that's the case, lol!).

    Today is gorgeous! It's going to hit the 70s today, and that snow from December is finally completely gone. Yesterday was a typical Colorado day. Morning looked good enough. I got dressed — denim skirt, linen top, sandals — then I hit the coffee shop, where I wrote and chatted with Sean. In case you've forgotten who he is, here's a little reminder:

    So there I was dressed for spring, when a big bank of clouds rolled over the mountains and it started snowing. I had a lunch set up with my wonderful, beautiful friend Sara and ended up running around town in sandals while it went back and forth between rain and snow. And now today... 70 degrees.

    I took yesterday off work and started to read Unlawful Contact from the beginning so I can pick up the emotional threads again and get back into it. I got halfway through what's written and now need to pick up and get done reading so I can write. I don't do this very often, only when I fear I'm in danger of losing my mojo. It takes a lot of time.

    Also — ahem — I was up late last night finishing JR Ward's latest. I eat those books up and love them, even though I really do not like paranormals as a rule. But thank GOD there won't be another one for a while. Now that I'm through Tara Janzen's series and JR Ward's series, maybe I can focus on my own writing.

    I hope everyone has a luscious day.

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