MTM — Special Couples Edition

    Happy Monday!

    Man-Titty Monday is dedicated to the peaceful enjoyment of the male body, but it doesn't hurt to throw in some sexy couples shots, especially when you can't really see the women...

    The photo above definitely looks like the start of something fun. Wet, undressed man, nails on his chest, woman on top. I find it inspiring. You?

    This woman clearly has very little patience. I can sympathize. If I were standing body-to-body with that male body, I wouldn't have much patience either. Forget the “bodice ripper.” We’re talking “briefs ripper” here. And isn’t it about time to turn that paradigm around?

    Here’s a variation on the nails theme — from behind this time. What’s nice about this is that all that lovely man titty is left there for us to peruse without some annoying female in the way — and yet having her fingernails digging into his skin is kind of sexy.

    This woman clearly knows what she wants and is going for it. But I think she needs to be careful. Squeeze the wrong bits, and it will be over before it begins. Note his cool wristband. I like wristbands and armbands on men, particularly sexy, shirtless men.

    This woman is a sister of the heart. She’s about to take matters into her own hands, and this gentleman looks like he’s pretty satisfied with that. He's reaching back, perhaps to draw her closer so he can kiss her. Either way, the photo is delicious.

    Speaking of couples, the results of a big national sex survey were recently released and indicate that women are still less satisfied by sex than men. Some of it may be the men that these unsatisfied women are sleeping with. We all know that some men can be selfish pigs in bed. My advice: Move on. Life is too short to spend with a boor.

    But part of it may be that women are still faking orgasm. The survey found that 84 percent of men believed their most recent partner had climaxed, while only 64 percent of women said this was true. Part of this is no doubt due to male cluelessness. But part of it must also be due to women committing that cardinal sin: faking orgasm.

    Faking orgasm is like giving your puppy a treat for pooping on your floor.

    When you fake an orgasm, you’re teaching your guy how not to please you. In the end, it may make him think he’s a stud, but at your expense. No man is worth that. Sexual pleasure is a woman’s right. It falls under “pursuit of happiness” in the Constitution, as far as I’m concerned.

    So don’t fake it! And have a lovely Monday!

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