MTM — Beauty of the Bulge

    Welcome to Monday!

    I hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween and that no one’s feeling too sick from eating the leftover candy — or from sneaking treats from their kids.

    It's hard to believe that it’s already November, but here we are at the tail end of 2010, heading into the holiday season. Speaking of tail end, we at MTM hope that you enjoyed last week’s look at the male posterior.

    This week, we’re flipping it around again for a look at some hot male bulges — you know, that part of the male anatomy that men think about most often.

    I’ve heard lots of women say that a man’s junk is not her favorite body part. Most of us prefer chest or shoulders or thighs or even backs and behinds to the bulge. Except maybe at key moments when the bulge is essential.

    But I don’t know that we’ve been quite honest with ourselves about how sexy a man’s bulge can be. Today, we’ll test that theory, and see how many of you find yourself acknowledging that, yes, size does matter and a man’s package is a pretty special thing.

    We’ll start out mild and move to wild.

    Above, please note the fine six-pack and the respectable bulge in the jeans.

    Monday seems better already, doesn’t it?

    This gentleman would make any woman who loves man-thighs breathe faster. He does have amazing legs! But there’s a nice bulge under those gym shorts, which, thoughtfully, are wet.

    If you read the interview with me on Facebook, it asks what’s my favorite kind of clothing for the opposite sex to wear and I put "wet boxer briefs." There’s a reason for that, which you can see somewhat here.

    I’ve posted this one before, though some of you didn’t care for the torn belly shirt and found it a bit too... silly. But this gentleman is sporting a decent package, so I included him. Plus, I just don’t mind staring at the rest of him. I love his chest, and I love the fact that he’s not waxed.

    Excellent obliques, too, as well as a nice trail to follow in case you’re coming in for a landing and somehow got lost.

    Speaking of package... If you could put a bow around this and put it under my Christmas tree, I’d be very grateful. Briefs never looked so good. Makes you want to... Touch. (Still working on that...)

    This photo knocked the breath out of my lungs. I just stared. And stared. And stared. Then I decided I’d gone into the wrong field of journalism. I ought to have gone into sports journalism so that I could interview hot men in the locker room, where sights like this are probably common and, unfortunately, largely wasted on guys who don’t appreciate them the way I would.

    This photo rocked your world earlier this year. It fit the theme, and we just didn’t think you’d object to seeing it another time. But if you do, just look away. That’s right. Pretend there’s not something amazing wrapped up in gauze here and look away. I know you can do it. Okay, so maybe you can’t. I can’t either.

    Does he need help getting untangled? Inquiring hands, er, minds want to know.

    Someone is in a bit of trouble. He’s manacled to the table in torn undies that display his bulge quite nicely. Why a table? Beef — it’s clearly what’s for dinner here.

    We hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s installment of MTM. Next week, we get back to the basics: chest. Yes, a return to man titty.

    In the meantime, enjoy, and have a safe and lovely week!

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