Do you feel your boobies?

    Do you feel your boobies? There are people who want to know — for your sake.

    My younger son, Benjamin, and his friends put together a video about breast cancer awareness and are competing with other filmmakers for a $10,000 prize. As some of you know, Benjamin is studying filmmaking at Ithaca College in New York.

    How does he win this prize? It’s kind of like American Idol in that he wins through votes. People can vote once a day, and the video that gets the most public support wins.

    Benjy’s video plays on the Old Spice commercials, and it’s pretty clever. So if you get a chance, I’d really appreciate it if you’d click here, watch his video, which is titled Intervention, and then vote for it. You have to register, but it’s a pretty painless and quick process.

    If Benjamin wins, he plans to use his share of the money as the budget for his senior thesis film, so it could really help him. And that helps me!

    Thanks in advance for your support! And do remember to feel your boobies!

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