MTM — The Flip Side: Butt Seriously...

    I hope you will all forgive me. We at MTM HQ may be crossing a line this week. But what’s life if you’re unwilling to take risks?

    Before we return to our worship of bare male pecs — that is the purpose of Man-Titty Monday — I thought we’d finish our exploration of men’s backsides. Last week, we took a look at traps and deltoids and triceps. This week, we're going to focus on the glutes.

    Yes, that’s right. Today we’re focused on what Brit-ish people call “bums.” In the U.S., a bum is someone who passes out on park benches at night. In more Brit-ish parts of the world, a bum is what you sit upon.

    And look at the specimen above. He's wearing his costume already. Thank goodness he’s not wearing tights or a cape. I love the dimples just above a guy’s glutes. He is super, that’s for sure, and he can rescue me any time he likes.

    Here’s a young man just waking up from a restful sleep to discover his own bicep. We think it’s nice, too. Perhaps nicer is the posterior he’s got wrapped up in tighty-whities. Is he sleeping with weights? Come on! We can do better than that.

    I like this fellow even more. I love the fact that he’s doing push-ups in a black thong. I think that’s a brilliant idea. More men should try it, particularly if we’re there to watch. Those of you who like backs will love this photo, as well. I don’t know for sure who this guy is, but there are parts of him that resemble you-know-who (no, not Voldemort!).

    This guy is named Marco. And he is resting. Who wants to rest with him? He is absolutely breathtaking, is he not? The smooth man-curves. The tat. All that muscle. Can you imagine being beneath him? I can.

    No edition of MTM would be complete without Jed Hill. I hope the Blogger Police don’t come to shut our MTM party down. This photograph is... sublime. It offers man-bum at its finest. But it’s no fun being able to see it without being able to touch. Women are, after all, more tactile in our sexual responses than men. They like to look; we like to touch. But MTM hasn’t gone interactive in that way yet. If we can find a way to develop Stroke-o-Vision, we will let you know.

    Halloween will come and go before we meet again, so here’s a nice Jack-oh-my-Lantern MTM-style to get us all in the spirit of the holiday. But I have one question before I let you get on with your Monday: Who got to paint the designs on this guy? Why do I never get asked to do these things?

    That just bums me out.

    Happy Monday, womankind! And Happy Halloween!

    P.S. On behalf of our sisters in Australia, we are posting this edition of MTM early. It’s already Monday there.

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