And the winner is...

    Megan C!


    I should let you know that my dear friend Kat James did the honors and picked the winner from the hat. That might make it extra special for you.

    I've been at her place since Saturday. I went to enjoy a Thanksgiving dinner with her and Uncle Ray, but got very sick that night with some kind of virus, which almost immediately became a raging sinus infection. She and Ray were very sweet and kind and took good care of me. In return, I went through all their Kleenex, lay around on the furniture moaning and ate my way through Kat's fantastic cooking. I am on antibiotics for my sinuses and was finally able to get on my feet and drive home today — and that wore me out.

    This photo illustration shows what Kat and Ray got to look at in their house the past few days.

    For those of you who entered but didn't win, don't be discouraged. I'll be giving away signed copies of Unlawful Contact, plus a few copies of Naked Edge once I get my author copies.

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    An interview with the lovely Anna Campbell, interviews with I-Team heroes and a review of Rivals for the Crown, Kathleen Givens' powerful historical novel.

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