Tempus Fugit — And the best of 2009 [updated]

    When you’re a child, a single summer seems to last forever. Now, decades seem to fly past me in the same amount of time it took to live a year. What’s with that?

    I just finished writing a 4,200-word retrospective on “the Aughts” — the name most of us media types are giving the past 10 years. We got into some fierce debates in the newsroom about the best CDs, TV shows and movies of the past 10 years. And it made me want to hear what you all have to say.

    First, let me just say that any list of the best movies that doesn’t include the Lord of the Rings trilogy is both wrong and offensive. I mean, Viggo Mortensen, people. What else is there to say?

    Now, moving on...

    It would be hard to recount 10 years of entertainment on the blog, so I thought perhaps you could all tell me what your favorite books, TV shows, CDs, songs and movies have been for the past year. (You can’t include any of my books. So there.)

    Here’s my list from the past year:

    Best Book
    Anna Campbell — Captive of Sin (historical romance)

    Best Books I read in 2009 from prior to 2009

    Kathleen Givens — Rivals for the Crown (historical fiction)
    Joan Wood — The Road to Avalon (Arthurian fiction)

    Television Shows
    True Blood


    Alex as Eric

    I only went to one: New Moon. But I'm planning to see The Young Victoria, and I hope it will get my vote before midnight on Thursday.

    Best Music
    ”Love Me When I’m Gone," 3 Doors Down
    ”Here Without You,” 3 Doors Down
    ”Landing in London” 3 Doors Down
    ”It’s Been A While,” Staind
    (Okay, so none of these were released in 2009. I can’t help that I discovered these songs in 2009.)

    By now, it's apparent that I rarely get to read, never watch TV or listen to the radio and rarely go to movies. I really don’t have much to add to this discussion.

    But you do! So share with me your ”Best of” lists for 2009. And, remember. I’m always looking for new music.

    Now, go for it.

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