Paging Marc and Sophie...

    Wubbit, my bunny BFF, mistress and love toy of the Easter Bunny

    Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate Easter. I hope those of you who celebrate Passover had a good week with your families and that someone found the Affikoman so mice don't get it. For those who celebrate Beltaine, a few weeks to go... Whatever your Rite of Spring might be, maybe it be blessed and happy.

    For me it will be Another Writing Day.

    See, this is exactly what I hate about being a full-time journalist and a full-time novelist. I get close to my characters, make some progress on my story, then it's Sunday night and time for bed. Then Monday morning comes with a laundry list of problems and things to do.

    What size paper this week? How big is ROP? What's the lead story? Got cover art? What's in news? Get letters to the editor (that would be me) edited and in. Make sure the intern has something to do. Deal with myriad strange phone calls and letters and emails by the hundreds. This meeting. That meeting.

    And, well, pretty soon Marc and Sophie have left me behind and gone off on some honeymoon somewhere without me. I sit down on Saturday morning, brain tired from the work week, and try to put the newspaper aside so that I can create words for the page. But without Marc and Sophie hanging in my head, it's hard.

    I think authors who are able to write full-time have such a huge advantage, and I wonder if my books would be better if I were able to concentrate. I know I'd have a lot more of them.

    Alas... Some day.

    Last night was a treat. I went up to Libby's again to meet her wonderful DH and see what police restraints look like. They weren't what I see on the TV news. No chains, just leather. (Sounds kinky, no?) Libby is a darling, of course, very pretty and sweet. Her kids are adorable, absolutely cute as buttons, both of them. It was hard not to scoop them up and smooch them. I had a beer and got really relaxed, which is different for me. Makes me think I need to drink more booze.

    Thanks, Libby, dear!

    OK, so now I need to conjure Marc and Sophie back from the ether. (Yes, Kat, I have smudged my silly self.)

    Enough whining and back to work.

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