Lipstick diaries

    You won't see this on CNN, but there's a new hostage crisis. That Badass Warrior Princess, Libby, has my two favorite tubes of lipstick and she's holding them hostage. Apparently, I abandoned them at her house — I'd had a whole Bud Light, after all — when I accidentally dumped my purse on her couch, where they were found, helpless and alone.

    I spent all weekend looking for those tubes of lipstick, thinking I must have dropped them in the car or left them at work. I was at the office when the email arrived: "Do whatever I say, or the lipstick gets it..."

    I was both horrified and relieved. My poor little lipsticks had been found, but they were in the wilds of La La Land in the hands of someone who'd vowed to do them wrong if I didn't comply. Fortunately, the demands weren't too harsh — no request for $1 million in unmarked bills or anything like that. Just a piece of Marc...

    Marc Hunter... Just imagine sitting on that face.

    The goods have been delivered, and I am anxiously awaiting my wee lipsticks later this week.

    But the plot thickens. This was actually a ploy on my part to get Libby away from her bows and arrows and leather restraints and into a coffee shop. And it's working. Yes, she thinks she got what she wanted, but in truth, she's coming to my realm — the espresso bar — very soon. Bwahahaha!

    OK, sorry. I'm insane with allergies and sleepiness. I went to bed right after dinner, and only by force of will was I able to get up and come downstairs so that my son would feel like he has a mum.

    I got through Chapter 26 of Unlawful Contact which brings me to the climax of the story. It's always exciting to write this part of any novel and also a bit stressful, because either the threads pull together in a way that feels worthwhile or they don't. I panicked all weekend that they wouldn't.

    This tendency to freak out — and I'm not the only author who does it — has made me think that writers need live-in psychiatric help. Writer shrinks. Probably actors would benefit from this also. Definitely rock stars, judging from Britney's bald head. Imagine how useful it would be if creative people were less freaking crazy.

    So only four chapters to go plus an epilogue and then on to the second book in the MacKinnon Rangers trilogy. I'm really looking forward to writing a historical again. YAY!

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