MTM — Hot Men in Jeans with guest blogger Alyson

    (Editor’s note: This week we continue with another in a series of guest MTM blogs, this one from the lovely Alyson Hacket. Thank you, Alyson!)

    I tend to be the odd woman out when it comes to pictures of men for MTM. Not that I mind the almost nekkid pictures or the ones of their tushies but I much prefer to leave lots to the imagination. As a matter of fact, I think the peenie is an ugly thing rather than a beautiful thing — shhhhh! Don't tell my husband that! So hints of it rather than it out there for all to see is what I find HOT!!!

    Therefore I have chosen men in jeans! I mean how many of us have read books where the hero is wearing a worn pair of jeans with the button undone. It is written so often because it is HOT!!! So here for your viewing pleasure are a few men in jeans :)

    At top is Mr. Jeans #1. I love him because he has a fabulous “V,” a happy trail, and he isn’t overly muscled.

    Mr. Jeans #2 looks to be saying, “You think this is hot? Just wait until you get me into bed!!” I am not sure how many of us would kick him out!

    Poor guy! Mr. Jeans #3 is overwrought with desire for us. We are driving him out of his mind without our sex appeal!!

    This is how Mr. Jeans #4 will great you when you come home from work. This so says "Come and get me baby!!"

    I think that Mr. Jeans #5 needs a little help getting dressed — or undressed for that matter! Anyone willing to volunteer for that task?

    And last but certainly not least, I couldn't leave you ladies without any hint of what is hiding in those jeans! Mr. Jeans #6 wants you to know exactly what you are getting when you unwrap him from his jeans!

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