MTM — Get to the Root of It Edition

    Happy Monday!

    Welcome to another edition of Man-Titty Monday. This week’s theme is “Get to the Root of It.” And by root, we man “manroot.”

    Anyone remember the old romances of the ’70s? That was a favorite euphemism for “penis,” though I always found it absurd. Manroot? Seriously? No way.

    The word popped into our heads as we perused this selection of photos, as you will no doubt understand, as they all have one thing in common: you almost get to see the model’s junk, and sometimes you catch just a glimpse of the root of it...

    Some women don’t like it all hanging out, but we think these photos are a good compromise between those of us who do like it all hanging out and those of you who want just a hint.

    The model at the top is about to lose his swim trunks. The very thought makes us hope for a really big wave. Come on, Mother Ocean! Help us out here. No wave? Bummer. All we get is that tasty hint — the dark thatch of hair and a tiny, tiny glimpse of manroot.

    Whoever cropped this photo deserves time in prison. Not even a glimpse of manroot here. But this torso is so hot we just had to share. And, yes, there are veins. You vein-a-holics should be sated for a while.

    This gentleman is having some kind of conflict with his underwear. Is it on inside out? Or is it right side out? He’s not sure. He can’t tell. He’s upset about it, too. As a result, we get a tantalizing view of some serious man business — or almost.

    Now this gentleman somehow wore his underwear into the shower. But this isn’t a bad thing. Did you ever wonder why those idiot guys in college liked wet T-shirt contests? Now you know. Wet underwear contests seem to be more our thing here at MTM.

    Someone recently shared this pic on the Facebook I-Team page. Somehow looking at this, the term “manroot” doesn’t seem quite as silly. Something’s definitely rooted right there on that man, and it’s not a zucchini. We’re not sure who this fellow is, but we’d be happy to help him finish undressing if he’d just send us his address.

    We root a lot for David Gandy on this blog. Well, here he’s rooting for us. That body. Those killer blue eyes. That dark hair. Those lips. That... manroot.

    Go ahead. Take your time. You can stare all you like, and we know you will. Scroll through the photos again, as many times as you like. We’ll be here for another few days.

    Have a great day! We hope your ovaries are warmed up and your day is a bright one.

    Coming up next: Inconspicuous vibrators for the workplace...

    Just joking.

    Happy Monday, everyone!

    (Want to host an edition of MTM? Just let us know.)

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