An MTM Fourth of July salute to military men

    (This week we bring another guest MTM. Ronlyn has stepped up to the plate to provide a different kind of fireworks in honor of the holiday. Enjoy! I wish my U.S. readers all a safe and happy Fourth of July.)

    First of all we have to raise the flag to give a good old fashioned salute

    As we in the U.S. celebrate our Independence Day, I set out to find some perfect specimen of our Armed Forces. This was a more daunting a difficult task than I'd anticipated. I mean, ALL the men are worthy of our admiration and praise, right? (In reality, the women too, but I'm focusing on the men here for MTM.)

    So, first we have the ARMY. You know, “Be all you can be.” And boy oh boy, these soldiers are being all they can be. As long as being hot and relaxing on what looks like a beach is being all they can be.

    Next we have the MARINES. The few, the proud. I admit to having an affinity for jarheads since my father was one. Marines are actually part of the Navy and can be stationed on ships along with the saliors as well as on Naval bases. Their moto is “Semper Fidelis,” which means “Always Faithful.”

    The AIR FORCE is next and they are of course known for their fly boys. Okay, I know I’m making light of all the hundreds of other jobs in the Air Force, but who can blame me? I mean, look at the flyboys!

    And finally we have the Navy, with their big ships strong swimmers. Really, you can't go wrong with a sailor. On land or on sea he's gonna have you covered.

    We’ve all seen and salivated over the final photo I’m going to share: A photo of a Navy SEAL which was first published a few years ago in Newsweek (I think it was Newsweek) when they did an article on SEALs.

    A real life hero who would put his life on the line for us and does every day when he goes to work. This image has gone viral since the SEALs were back in the news for taking down the USA's most wanted terrorist a couple of months ago. And yes, without a doubt, this man represents everything that sends our romance reading hearts a flutter. Most of all though this guy and every other man and woman who puts on the uniform and steps to the front lines deserve our gratitude and respect. I mean, I’m sure he appreciates the fact that we all find him hot, but I somehow think he’d find the fact that we find him capable and recognize his sacrifice just as appealing.

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