MTM — The Eyes Have It with Guest Ronlyn Howe

    It’s said that the eyes are the window to the soul. They show us the needs and desires of the person, all the secrets that that person holds dear can be seen if you look deeply enough. They can reflect joy, pain, need ... anything we desire it’s all right there.

    This first guy (above) has lovely eyes. They’re bright and smiling. I’d imagine he's got a good sense of humor...but do you notice the little spark of devilment in there? That spark that says, “I know what you want and I’d have a great time getting you there.”

    Our second eye guy doesn’t have quite the same youthful twinkle, but paired with the sly grin his eyes say he’s been there, done that... and if you play your cards right he might just take you with him. And, if those little smile lines are anything to go by, he can guarantee you’ll have a great time on the ride.

    Eye guy number three is completely engrossed in whatever it is he’s watching. With the slight parting of those full lips I’m thinking he’s watching someone trying to entice him. A slow sultry strip tease, maybe?

    Guy No. Four has an intense stare that dares anyone to cross him. And he’s got the muscles to back up his stance. And he’s wet. And ripped. And hot.

    Guy No. 5 captured my eye the second I saw the photo. Look at that intense look in his eye, along with the determined set of his jaw and compressed lips. He’s being pulled through the ringer and he’s determined to make it through. If you can’t keep up, just get out of his way. This Warrior Man has work to do.

    And finally, a look that says it all, along with the reaching hand. I know you girls know what he’s asking.

    [Editor’s note: Yes, we do. And my answer is, “Yes!”]

    Thanks, Ronlyn, for this sexy MTM treat. As much as we go on about pecs, abs, glutes and biceps, there’s a lot to be said about a strong gaze, a sexy glint, and beautiful eyes.

    Have a great Monday, everyone!

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