I-Team Match the Quote to the Character Game

    Time for a bit of fun!

    I finally got around to sorting through the zillions of quotes my home team — I love you! — plucked out of the five I-Team novels and have put together a little matching quiz.

    All you have to do is match the quote to the character. Easy, right? You all know these characters so well!

    Each characters has two quotes. In the case of heroes and heroines, the quotes may or may not be from their own story. I tried to pick quotes that were representative of the characters’ personalities without being too obvious.

    Try to see how many you can do in your head without looking in the books. Only turn to the books as the last resort. You can email your answers to me — my email is listed in the info on my Facebook page and many of you already have it — and share your experience by posting here.

    Participants will be entered to win the signed book of their choice from me.

    Good luck!
    1. “Have you ever caught a criminal with ink?”

    2. “The word phobia implies there is something wrong with my reaction to spiders — horrid little monsters!”

    3. “Maybe the mayor can hire a consultant for hundreds of thousands of dollars to teach the boys in blue the difference between a gun and a cell phone.”

    4. “If I wanted to kill you, you'd already be dead.”

    5. “Burn a bra if you want, but don't be ridiculous!”

    6. “I want a man who really loves me, who will stick by me no matter what, even when he gets bored with me and thinks I’m old and ugly.”

    7. “You're just afraid to let yourself feel because feeling hurts so much.”

    8. “I just love to start the day with a bit of yelling.”

    9. “Sometimes you say the stupidest things, Holly.”

    10. “At least if you were plying him for information, get him to spill insider secrets, I could respect it!”

    11. “I love you with everything I am. You are the best thing that ever happened to me.”

    12. “You should ask Kat whether she found it romantic, because before the rescuing bit came the part where someone nearly killed her—or did you miss that?”

    13. “No one is supposed to be okay after witnessing a murder.”

    14. “You're a reporter, and that means trying to catch the killers, doesn't it?”

    15. “I never could’ve done what you did. I probably would have jumped off the cliff myself just so I didn’t have to be afraid of falling.”

    16. “I’m sure there are lots of men who’d do or say anything to get inside her, but I’m not one of them. I don’t want her. I want you.”

    17. “If I thought you’d been a coward, I’d tell you to your face.”

    18. “Oh, come on, Bradshaw. One beignet won’t make you fat.”

    19. “Your wish is our command.”

    20. “I’m ashamed to say it, but I tried not to think about what they might be doing to you because I couldn’t stand it.”

    21. “That’s just him being a man. Trust me. He’s crazy about you, even if he doesn’t know it yet.”

    22. “I want to hear more about Mr. Secret Agent Man.”

    23. “The bastard shot him from the upstairs window when the officer was walking up the to the door. Didn’t even warn him.”

    24. “There’s still something between us — something strong. You want me as much as I want you.”

    25. “Yeah, well, I guess I was in the wrong place at the right time.”

    26. “You can’t just look through a reporters files no matter who you are.”

    27. “Sometimes the scar isn’t on the outside. Sometimes it’s on the inside where no one else can see it. Believe me, I know.”

    28. “Clash of the Titans.”

    29. “You haven’t exactly caught me at my best.”

    30. “I can’t say how sorry I am to see you here. Not only does it mean bad times for you, it means I’m about to get a call from your asshole boss.”

    Here’s the list of characters you can draw from:

    a. Kara McMillan
    b. Reece Sheridan
    c. Holly Bradshaw
    d. Matt Harker
    3. Joaquin Ramirez
    f. Tessa Novak
    g. Julian Darcangelo
    h. Sophie Alton
    i. Marc Hunter
    j. Chief Irving
    k. Tom Trent
    l. Kat James
    m. Gabe Rossiter
    n. Natalie Benoit
    o. Zach McBride

    Coming soon:
    Interview with the I-Team heroes
    Baking pies with Natalie
    News on Surrender 2.0

    Stay tuned, and have fun!

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