MTM — Warm up, cuz it’s nipply outside

    Did everyone get snowed on this weekend? I don’t think there were many parts of the country that didn’t. It’s been a cold winter, so let’s warm things up.

    I spent my weekend doing what I always do — working on my latest book and dreaming of man chest. I even went out on a foray for sexy chesticles to share with you and found some worthy of inclusion in MTM.

    The fellow above has a lot going for him — a sexy chest, luscious, lickable abs and amazing arms. Can you just imagine what those biceps fee like? All that hard muscle and soft man-skin.

    Are we getting warmer yet?

    I know that some of you prefer a more slender physique on a man and don’t really go for the big muscles. Well, here’s one for you. Lean, muscular, with natural chest hair. I do love a bit of hair on a man’s chest. For one thing, it tells me he doesn’t spend all his time in salons preening and getting waxed.

    This gentleman caught my eye because he’s got gorgeous muscles — and they’re nicely oiled. Plus, if you look closely — and I know you will — you can see just a hint of veins. Yes, I said it. Veins.

    Are we hot yet?

    Some veins here, too, as well as a body to die for. This photo just might be my favorite this week. I’ll have to look at them all closely again, study them, consider the variables and make up my mind.

    What I like about this gentleman is the balance in his body. Not too ripped, not too thin. He’s got fantastic pecs (of course, even my boobs look big if I hold my arms like that), nice chest hair, sweet obliques — but I don’t get the impression that he spends every waking hour in the gym. He looks like a man we might have seen on the street — and then pulled into a nice, private alley.

    I have a friend who likes to say, “It’s nipply outside” whenever it’s really cold. And that’s part of what made this gentleman stand out. He’s nipply. Man-nipples don’t get a lot of attention, but I like them. I once read a post on a message board in which a woman went to great lengths to describe what she thought were the perfect man-nipples. I’m not sure what she would think of these, but I’m pretty happy with them.

    I hope you’re all warmed up and ready to face the day.

    Happy Monday, everyone!

    Stay tuned for some I-Team Reading Challenge fun!

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