MTM — The Chest Hair Edition (UPDATED with NEWS)

    Happy Monday!

    Every once in a while, I get tired of manscaping. Not that I like super-hairy guys. I don't want to worry about getting my lover’s chest hair stuck in my teeth. But seeing men with chests that look as smooth as baby’s behinds... It gets old after a while.

    After all, one of the differences between men and women is body hair. A man with a well-toned body and a nice amount of chest hair is delight to hold and touch. Of course, each woman has her idea of what that nice amount of chest hair is.

    Still, we at MTM decided to take the risk and put up some photos that we think fall within the bounds of sexy, featuring man-titty that is not only nice and cut, but also natural.

    Above, is one example — a man with great pecs and abs and with natural hair that covers just his pecs and upper chest. The hair isn’t so thick you could braid it, but it’s good and truly there, just the same.

    This is one of my personal faves. I shared him way back at the beginning of MTM. He was something of an inspiration for Gabe because, well, he’s hanging.

    I’m not sure what I see that makes me so crazy for this photo. Nice hair on his chest and lower belly. Nice hair in his armpits. Definitely masculine and well muscled.

    I just wish I could touch! Could Apple get working on a real TOUCH screen soon, please?

    We try each week to offer a man with a less ripped body for those of you who like the poet look. This fine fellow, who appears about to drop his towel (oh, please?) is both lean and has his natural body hair from his well defined pecs to his... towel.


    Here’s a man with a perfect body who also has the perfect amount of hair on his chest and down below. We only get a glimpse of hair at his unbuttoned fly, but it’s enough to make me want to see more. Now. Yes, now would be fine.

    For those of you who like a bit more muscle and a bit more hair, here’s a gentleman who is ripped and masculine, with a lot of dark hair on his chest and lower belly. One does not look at his chest and think, “I wonder if he waxes?” One looks and thinks of running one’s fingers through his chest hair. (Or maybe some of you are wishing he would wax.)

    Here’s a sexy gentleman. I had to crop it because the original photo shows everything. And every inch of him is as luscious as what you’re seeing here. This guy is pretty much perfect in my book — masculine with defined muscles and the purrfect amount of chest hair. He looks like he could be a real man and not someone who spends his life in the gym.

    Follow that groove in his abdomen down to that thatch of dark hair... Yes, that’s what I had to cut out. You can see, however, that I did let the view go as far south as I safely could.

    And, as a bonus this week, two celebs with chest hair...

    Hugh Jackman, baby. Chest hair. Muscles. Man. What woman doesn’t want to get wild with Wolverine?


    Gerard Butler, every woman’s favorite Scotsman.

    Now, can there be any doubt that a bit of hair on a sexy chest is a good thing?

    And here’s my big news: Naked Edge was voted Best Romantic Suspense of 2010 in All About Romance’s annual reader poll. This is a first for me, and I cannot tell you how amazed and stunned and honored I am. Thanks to all of you who voted! Go check out the results and read author responses, as well as AAR’s commentary.

    In the meantime, I hope your ovaries are warmed up and cheerful. This even made me feel better. I got nailed by a bad migraine yesterday that won’t give up. So I’m headed back to bed.

    Happy Monday, everyone!

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