MTM — Hot Men with Tats Redux (trés classy)

    Welcome to Monday!

    This week’s theme is another take on hot men with tats.

    I was told not long ago that having tattoos is not a classy thing, even for men. (I’m not sure what the “even for men” bit was supposed to mean. It sounded like a phrase one might use to establish some kind of double standard.)

    But, hey, we’re not about being classy around here. If we were, would we host an event called “Man-Titty Monday”? I think not. So being classy doesn’t matter.

    What does matter is sexy. And on the right man, tattoos are scorchingly sexy. There’s something about designs cut into satiny skin and stretched over taut muscle...

    And there’s no doubt that the young gentleman above is sexy. The silky oiled skin. The pecs and abs. The biceps, one of which is tatted up for our viewing pleasure. And you know what? I like the armpit hair. Honestly, I do.

    Boxing is one of the best ways to build arms and abs because of the intense workout it provides. I have no idea whether this guy is a boxer or whether the gloves are just props, and I don’t care. He looks like a boxer — and I’d love to go a couple of rounds with him. He can get me up against the ropes any time.

    He’s got a lot of ink on his body. You know that had to hurt. I love how the tat ends at his nipple and sort of rims it. Kind of draws my eyes... right... there...

    Study his tattoos closely — I know you will — and see if you can figure out what they represent.

    I’m not sure what this gentleman is looking at. Is he expecting something to happen down below his waistband? Should we watch in case something does happen?

    Okay, so while we wait to see if his junk gets jiggy, let’s take time to appreciate his symmetry and to admire his build — ripped without being too bulky. And, yeah, he has a tat on his right bicep. You can admire that, too, if you want.

    And we end this week's MTM with a photo of Alex O, also in boxing gloves. (What is the connection between boxing gloves and tats, anyway? Alex is indisputably snaxy, smexy and hot. I wish I knew which of those tattoos were real and which I could lick off.

    This is another time when I wished I'd chosen another profession. Just think what it would be like to spend your days drawing on hot men’s bodies, watching their muscles tense in pain, hearing them make little gasps as your needle moves over them...

    It would beat sitting at a desk, wouldn't it?

    Thanks to Ronlyn for the link to these hotties. I hope you’ve enjoyed another MTM. Happy Monday!

    And thanks for all of you who participated in our chat about Extreme Exposure.

    Up this week... Hard Evidence and Julian Darcangelo.

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