MTM — Straight-up Sexy

    Happy Monday!

    Today we celebrate men who are just straight-up sexy. I didn’t choose them for abs or pecs or biceps or glutes or anything but sexiness. What is sexiness? It’s that quality of maleness that makes your belly flutter.

    Now, to be honest, I should include a photo of Jed Hill here, but I was afraid maybe you’re tired of him. So I went for other images. But he is No. 1 when it comes to belly-flutter here at MTM HQ.

    The struck me as very sensual — chiaroscuro, nice definition, and, as the French say, “a certain ‘I don’t know what.’” Okay, I do know what it is. It’s his sexy body, okay? And those nicely filled briefs. It gets the ovaries and the imagination going.

    I have no idea what this gentleman is doing, but I want to join in, maybe help him out a bit. He can lie back and think of England while I... Well, I’ll keep the details to myself. Feel free to imagine your own scenarios.

    When I saw this, I didn’t know whether to moan or laugh out loud. The visual metaphor is interesting. I suppose you could take it in a variety of ways. There’s the “erection” metaphor. Certainly, one could read “ejaculation” into this image. Then again, he’s hot and naked, and water is gushing forth from the wet hole at the core of that vessel.

    Um... So, lots of levels of interpretation here. But here’s my most pressing thought about the above photo: Someone needs to turn the water off!

    This is Eduardo Verastegui, who’s name is synonymous with “straight-up sexy.” The sensuality of this photo is undeniable. Yes, there’s his face with its dark brows, full lips and slightly brooding expression. And there’s his smooth, dark skin, the muscular curve of his shoulder. But, hey, there’s also just a bit of his fine ass.

    MTM will conclude this week’s celebration of male sexiness with a photo I meant to include last week but somehow forgot. This is Alex O’Laughlin. Many of us fell in love with him when he was on Moonlight. Now, he plays a ripped Navy SEAL on Hawaii Five-O. His female fans are legion. He’s one Aussie who makes me want to go down. Down Under, of course. Get your minds out of the gutter!

    So how is everyone progressing with the I-Team “Get Out of My TBR, Get Into My Bed” Challenge?

    We’re getting snow and sub–zero temps in Boulder today. Tomorrow it will be -19F/-28 C. Brrr!

    Stay warm and have a great week!

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