2010 MTM Man of the Year — Jed Hill... plus contest winner

    The votes are in, and Jed Hill won our first-ever MTM Man of the Year contest. I can’t say I'm bummed by the results. You all know how I feel about him.

    Today you see him here on my blog.

    Soon you will see him in book stores on the cover of Breaking Point, which will be released exactly four months from today (Monday).

    You can view the vote at the left (for those of you on Goodreads, you’ll have to click through to my blog). I find it interesting that our second-place winner is the hottie I nicknamed “Poet.” Lean without the high relief six-pack and pecs, he looks a lot more like a sexy normal guy, and not a man who lives in the gym.

    Thanks for your votes and your comments. I thoroughly enjoyed them. Sorry I’m so late getting the results up.

    It’s been a bit nuts around here. After almost a year without snow, we got about five inches last Thursday night, but the mountains got nailed. They’ve been buried several times this season with snowstorms that bring eight feet of snow in a single shot. So, just in time for New Year’s, the grocery stores found themselves with empty shelves. Worse, people seem to have forgotten how to drive in snow, so the highways were treacherous.

    My sons’ trip over the mountains to see their dad was canceled. Because I hadn’t planned on having people here this long, I didn’t really have groceries for that many people, but we’ve done alright.

    In the middle of this, my sister and I managed to watched Season I of Spartacus: Blood & Sand, which caused me to fall in love with Andy Whitfield. Life was good — until my older son’s beloved kitty got sick and died suddenly of some kind of rare disorder. The vets at CSU — among the best in the nation — have no idea what happened to her. But my son was crushed. And as I adored her and called her my grandkitten, I was pretty darn sad, too.

    Trip on hold, my son came to stay here with me and Benjy. The boys are taking the train over the passes tomorrow, so they’ll be gone for a week.

    In addition to all of this, I’ve been working on copy edits for Breaking Point. This is my last opportunity to tweak anything or add anything, and I’ve been taking it very seriously. Several scenes have expanded. I struggled with whether to keep Gabe’s “secret” in this book for those who are reading the series backward, but then decided to mention his special trait because leaving it out felt silly.

    I’ll send the manuscript back to New York on Wednesday, and in a few weeks I’ll get it back for one last proofreading. Then it goes to press.

    In the meantime, I hope to have a series of fun events on my blog, including, but not limited to:

    An I-Team reading challenge with prizes
    A round of I-Team Trivia
    Breaking Point playlists

    I had to stop with research for Connor’s book to work on copy edits, but I’ll be picking that up again. I hope to write the prologues — it will have two — next weekend.

    Speaking of Connor... I need to find a snaxy model for him, one that my editor will see on my blog and then use for the cover. Any ideas for a Highlander with long dark hair who lives on the American frontier?

    Also, those of you voted for Naked Edge in Goodreads’ Readers Choice Awards have my thanks. I don’t know the results. Perhaps the vote is ongoing. At any rate, I promised a signed copy to someone who voted. I took all the posts off Goodreads and off my blog, entered them into an online randomizer and drew the name...

    Fuzzy Wuzzy!

    Ms. Wuzzy, you are the winner. E-mail your mailing address to me (my e-mail is on my website on the contact page), and I’ll get your signed copy of Naked Edge in the mail.

    Happy New Year, everyone! And since it’s Man-Titty Monday, I’ll end this block with a new hottie. Enjoy!

    If your washer breaks down, you would wash your panties on his six-pack. I’m just saying...

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