MTM — Sexy Celebs edition

    Happy Monday!

    Get out a napkin, because it’s time to drool.

    This week, MTM pauses for a moment to appreciate the amazing beauty of the men in some of our favorite TV shows. I don’t get television reception in my home, and I don’t have cable. But I do occasionally watch DVDs. And, as you can guess, True Blood, Spartacus, and Hawaii Five-O are among my fave programs.

    Look above for one reason that True Blood is a favorite of mine. Joe Mangi.... OK, so I can’t spell his name, but I know him when I see him. He brought a certain animal magnetism to last season that a lot of women found irresistible. And no wonder! Take a look at those abs and obliques!'

    And then there’s Ryan Quanten, who plays everyone’s favorite dumb blond male — a himbo — while looking good enough to eat. Does anyone actually know what he looks like with his clothes on? That first season was smokin’ hot and made me wonder what they feed men down in Australia. Talk about a hard body. Of course, he’s a fantastic actor. No one could deliver lines, “Santa Claus — is he real?” and make them believable unless he were a very good actor.

    Yes, Ryan, we at MTM appreciate your bod, your brawn and your brain.

    New to my list of adored male celebrities is Andy Whitfield who played Spartacus during the first season of Spartacus: Blood and Sand. As someone who studied ancient Rome in graduate school, I took an intellectual interest in the Starz’s portrayal of my favorite fallen civilization. Ha! Actually, I watched it because my sister told me that there were sexy, barely clad men. And she was right.

    Andy is not only amazing to watch in his action sequences, he’s also graceful, sexy and has one of the most piercing gazes in the history of piercing gazes. Those eyes of his are very expressive, giving his character a pathos that makes you forget for just a second that he’s mostly naked.

    Sadly, he had to leave the show for health reasons — he is battling lymphoma — and we wish him a full recovery. (I was so sad when I learned this that it almost took the joy out of watching the series.)

    And then there’s Johnny Depp. He’s not really ripped, and he smokes. (Blech!) But he’s Johnny freaking Depp, you know? He’s damned sexy, not to mention incredibly talented.

    This wouldn’t be complete without a glimpse of Brad Pitt in his gory Troy glory. When I saw that film, I realized I had made a terrible career mistake. Someone had the job of smearing oil, fake dirt and fake blood all over his body, and it wasn’t me. Can you imagine being the Cast Oiler for a film like this? Are there classes for this in college?

    On the video I have of Dieux du Stade (an annual semi-nude calendar shoot of European rugby stars) there’s a woman who combs the men’s pubic hair and trims them up a bit for the photo shoot. HOW DID SHE GET THAT JOB?

    Questions like these keep me awake long into the night.

    And here’s another glance at Andy Whitfield with that charming smile of his. Get well soon, Andy! You’ve got an incredibly career ahead of you.

    Thanks for joining us this week, and don't forget to sign up for the “Get out of my TBR, Get into My Bed” I-Team Reading Challenge. Read the post below for details and for an excerpt from Breaking Point. Only 99 days till you get a taste of Zach...

    Have a lovely Monday!

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